Katherine Heigl was once considered the most hated woman in Hollywood The Grey’s Anatomy actress was often referred to as a “diva” just because she wasn’t afraid to ask what she wanted as a result of which he was considered a “diva” as “difficult to edit”

And because of all of the research she received (both from her fellow Grey’s Anatomy and the public), the actor had to seek therapy while it helped her deal with all the hatred she was receiving Heigl admits that at the time she felt like “the biggest piece of shit on the bottom of your shoe”

During her peak, Heigl was desperately trying to balance her film career with her role as Izzie Stevens in Grey’s Anatomy, and as her film career grew by the minute, the actor had less time to devote to the TV series

Due to planning conflicts, her role on Grey’s was reduced to more lighthearted material, which she described as “lackluster”. And having won an Emmy the previous year, she didn’t think her performance that season earned her a nomination

As a result, the actor decided to decline her consideration as a candidate, she told the LA Times (via US Weekly), “To maintain the integrity of the academy organization, I withdrew my name from the dispute and wanted an actress who would receive such materials had, may not take an opportunity ”

Many people believed that their decision to step back reflected their thoughts on Shonda Rhimes’ skills as a screenwriter, which created significant tension between Rhimes and Heigl

When Heigl realized what she had done, she tried to apologize to Rhimes for “being so embarrassed”

“So I went to Shonda and said,” I’m so sorry that wasn’t cool and I shouldn’t have said that “and I shouldn’t have said anything publicly, but at the time I didn’t think anyone would notice I just quietly refused to submit and then it became a story and I felt obliged to make my statement and “Shut up, Katie’ “

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“I didn’t handle it well,” admits Heigl. “I felt like the biggest piece of shit on the bottom of your shoe,” she told Howard Stern (via US Weekly)

The actress says she “really struggled with this and how not to take everything personally and not feel like something is really deeply wrong with me””

“It was a strange time,” said Heigl. “I remember doing this little independent film and just being scared to say something about something I remember wearing shoes that were too small because I was afraid to tell the cloakroom that they weren’t big enough, because I didn’t want to be difficult And after that I thought this is nonsense. Stop it ”

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When asked if she would return to the series, the 27-dress star told Entertainment Tonight that the odds weren’t likely, but she adds that she “will never say never” “

“I’m super focused on this show [Firefly Lane] and my passion for it,” said Heigl, “I would never say never, but it’s unlikely”

Katherine Heigl

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