The 2 24-minute trailer, which gives a glimpse into the intense battle between the two fearsome monsters, has sparked a multitude of reactions online, with many sides taking sides and finding their own conclusion to the battle

“Legends Will Collide Watch the long-awaited official trailer for #GodzillaVsKong,” reads the caption of the clip, which has now been viewed over 3 million times. While Adam Wingard’s director appears to have a predictable plot, the trailer has certainly excited internet users

Legends Collide Check out the long-awaited official trailer for #GodzillaVsKong, which hits theaters and is streamed exclusively on @ HBOMax *

* Only available for 31 days at @HBOMax in the US at no additional cost to subscribers BildTwittercom / ygUDjoXwT8

From developing their own storylines to sharing memes, internet users used social media to share their reviews after the trailer started

Interestingly, some also suggested that U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders, whose presence at the housewarming ceremony went viral online, would be the one to finish the battle between GodzillaVsKong

I still have a feeling that King Ghidorah is coming back and I still have a feeling that he will be in this movie I might be wrong ImageTwittercom / YXNPtiUMSs

I’m guessing they’ll fight for 60% of the movie and then a bigger bad guy will show up and they’ll band together

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Godzilla versus Kong

World news – FI – The trailer of Godzilla versus Kong triggers a meme fest online