An Easter egg for Toho’s Biollante from the Heisei series may have been featured in a newspaper article in the credits of Godzilla: King of the Monster

A Biollante Easter egg may have been hidden in the credits of Godzilla: King of the Monsters The film’s credits were filled with newspaper articles exposing all sorts of teases for the future, and there was even a reference to Godzilla’s robotic counterpart Mechagodzilla

In 1989 Toho published Godzilla vs. Biollante, which became the second film in the Heisei franchise after the return of Godzilla in 1984 in the sequel, the King of the Monsters had to face Biollante, who at the time was the largest creature Godzilla had ever encountered in this plant-like animal was created by a scientist who combined a rose with Godzilla’s cells and his deceased daughter’s DNA.After starting out as a giant rose, the creature slowly evolved into Biollante, who served Godzilla as an incredibly challenging adversary due to her highly regenerative nature hard to kill but was defeated in the end after going into space, she never appeared in the Godzilla franchise again

A line in the credits of King of the Monsters recalled Biollante’s article titled “Monarch Reinforcing Powers Around Skull Island” explained some of the activities Monarch was doing on Skull Island. The source of the article was a scientist named De La Rosa According to De La Rosa, Monarch worked on a “mechanized giant” and also made attempts to create “organic titans.” This line could be much more than just a reference to Mechagodzilla, especially given that Biollante was a genetically engineered monster that the Description of an “organic titan” corresponds to “What strengthens the connection to Toho Kaiju is the name of the scientist. The Spanish translation for” De La Rosa “is” from the rose “and relates directly to Biollante’s genesis in the Heisei series

It might just be a great coincidence, or it could be that the allusion to the Toho Kaiju was intentional. If it was included on purpose, it is worth asking if something comes of this, of course, that the line is always possible was only seen in the movie to pay homage to a beloved Toho monster (which also happens to be a favorite of King of the Monsters director Mike Dougherty) It’s important to point out, however, that the movie’s mechagodzilla tease will apparently turn out to be much more than just an Easter egg for its presence in Godzilla vs. Kong was spoiled by a toy leak. All in all, it seems plausible that the MonsterVerse could do something with their Biollante reference at some point in the future

Based on the King of the Monsters post-credits scene in which Jonah (Charles Dance) purchases Ghidorah’s severed head, it appears Biollante is where the Godzilla 3 franchise is headed Dougherty has already made it clear that Jonah’s plans for Ghidorah’s head are related to its regenerative properties, Regeneration was Biollante’s greatest skill in her 1989 film, meaning that the head’s purpose may not have been to prepare for Ghidorah’s return, but rather the birth of the Biollante the MonsterVerse

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