It’s time to give in to all your temptations as Temptation Island is back for another season Jan. February marks the debut of the show’s third season and you won’t want to miss out on it recently, Heavy Temptation Island host Mark L caught up with Walberg to find out more about what’s in store on the island

“What I like about this season is the shocking, chaotic stuff that definitely happens,” revealed Walberg Heavy. “That’s amazing. But what really gets us through is that it’s very emotional about what these couples are doing then getting single then going through personally and what they are starting to access, talk about and realize about themselves becomes a really deep journey and for anyone who has been in love and in relationship trying to figure it out what is really is understood is each of us, I think ”

Walberg went on to say to Heavy, “We have four great pairs. And one of the things I love about this format – for those of you who don’t know, is that you have four pairs in the season and the format doesn’t change that much – but based on who the couples are. It’s a very different season each time… There’s always something interesting to see and take root. So [the couples] come to the island, give each other the Chance to be single again for a while and try to see if they’ll stay together or not ”

While it sounds like this season of Temptation Island is going to be particularly juicy, filming this season presented the stars with some unique challenges due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Fortunately, filming last fall in Maui, Hawaii was able to to be resumed for sure

“We created this really, really severe COVID bubble log,” Walberg stated. “It has become an industry standard that is beyond what we did just to make sure the people of Maui and across the state of Hawaii are satisfied with what we do””

And it seemed like the filming was a success “I’m just thrilled that we found a way to do this in this insane time of COVID, and it worked out great I’m happy to say we did have not endangered anyone on the island of Maui, and 3Have performed 600 tests with zero positives That was cool, “Walberg said to Heavy

“My whole purpose is for you to find something healthy,” explained Walberg Heavy. “That is my whole purpose. I’m telling you, well, I’m an advocate for getting you out of here whatever you think you need. And if it means that I get rough with you from time to time, it will be me. I will go out of my way to help you find love than you ”

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