Estonia already signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Telangana in 2018 on cooperation in areas such as information and communication technology and cybersecurity, and blockchain technology

Hyderabad: Europe’s most digital country The Republic of Estonia is committed to strengthening its ties with Telangana in the near future in sectors such as health, cybersecurity, smart cities and education

Estonia already signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Telangana in 2018 for cooperation in areas such as information and communication technology, cybersecurity and blockchain technology With the hope of vaccines and the alleviation of the pandemic situation, the nation will soon develop an “action plan”, to advance the Memorandum of Understanding with specific and actionable goals

On her first visit to Hyderabad, Katrin Kivi, Ambassador of the Republic of Estonia, told Telangana Today in an exclusive interview: “This is only the second day in Hyderabad and I have already received promising interests from several organizations in different industries where Estonia is and Telangana Can Work Together Opportunities exist in digital health, cybersecurity, education, smart cities, smart mobility, and cleantech ”

“I got to know the favorable business climate that the Telangana government has created for entrepreneurs through investment protection and tax policies. I have already seen several Estonian companies, especially in the e-health sector such as Viveo Health, which work with Hyderabad companies. Hyderabad produces nearly 40 percent of the world’s vaccines and Estonia sees them as a great strength. Estonia can collaborate with Hyderabad vaccine companies on research and science, ”she added

Estonia is also interested in connecting companies from both nations and organizing B2B and G2G meetings leading to bilateral relations India will soon open its embassy in the nation which will attract more companies from India and Hyderabad, to advance into Estonia

The “E-Residents” initiative of the European nation has already 3Attracted 000 people (including industrialists like Mukesh Ambani) from India, which led to the creation of 500 companies, which enabled access to European markets. The demand for this initiative is growing

“On my next visit to Hyderabad, I will visit T-Hub and examine the startup ecosystem. Startups from Estonia and Hyderabad have good opportunities to work together. Estonia already has many unicorns and is relying on new technologies such as artificial intelligence to disrupt and to reach the next level, ”she informed

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