Epic Games has announced that starting March 17, December 15 to offer games in its store The company is offering a free game every day through the end of the year, with the exception of significant discounts in other parts of the store

The epic’s action is similar to last year’s ad, where players can redeem a free game every day that takes place between Jan. December 2020 and 1 January 2021 will be available around the clock

The Epic Games Store does not disclose which games are being given away for free, so it is trying to solve the mystery and attract gamers’ attention every day. Last year, the company released teasers stating which ones Titles the Store Will Distribute for Free In addition to distributing free games, Epic Games is promising to offer detailed discounts on a wide variety of games during the holiday promotion, up to 75% off the price of some titles

Powered by Epic Sports Store Team, We’re getting ready for the season with the most festive sales of the year!

Christmas sales at the Epic Sports Store begin Nov. December We have some good things for you Unpacking offers up to 75% off, but that’s not all …

From the 17th December we offer a new game every day for two weeks – that’s right, these are 15 days of free games! Each game can only be claimed for 24 hours, but it is always yours

Once you’re logged into your Epic account, it’s the perfect time to browse any game and add it to your wishlist Receive notifications when they go on sale

We have attached a list of alleged / unconfirmed leaks Played at 5pm on December 31st, so we’ll get the last game on December 31st December This time around, of course, the winter sales start at the Epic Sports Store, where you can buy some games for a small dollar if needed We & # 39; I’m not sure about the 1005 on this list, but if they are true they would be awesome because they’re Three-A’s No Promises Yet

Free Games For Epic Games

World News – FI – Epic Games – Free PC Games from 17 to 15 December (updated with game list)

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