Epic Games has filed a complaint with the UK Court of Appeals and expanded the Fortnite litigation with Apple and Google to another country

In a statement to MacRumors, Epic Games said its filing with the Competition Appeal Tribunal is “an important argument” it is making on behalf of consumers and developers in the UK

‌Epic Games Legal has launched a lawsuit against Apple and Google in the UK, expanding its fight for fair practices for digital platforms for consumers and developers

The lawsuit filed with the London Competition Appeal Tribunal alleges that Apple and Google’s behavior in their respective app stores is an abuse of a dominant position and a violation of UK competition laws, which significantly restricts competition in the distribution of apps in payment transactions

We believe this is a major argument for consumers and developers in the UK and around the world affected by the abuse of market power by Apple and Google, and we look forward to our case on Aug. January to represent

Epic is not demanding any damages from Apple or Google in the UK, Australia or the US, just fair access and competition that benefits all consumers

Similar arguments from “Epic Games” did not work in the US, where Fortnite and Apple have been embroiled in an increasingly bitter legal battle since AugustS.”Epic Games” filed for an injunction to keep Fortnite in the “App Store” but was denied because its removal was caused by “Epic Games” and could have been reversed if “Epic Games” had the “App Store” -Rules would be followed

pEpic Games‌ added a Fortnite update in August that allowed customers to purchase in-game currencies directly from Epic to bypass Apple’s in-app purchases, which is against Apple rules, and Apple has the app Retrieved from the App Store

After that, “Epic Games” filed a planned lawsuit against Apple, and Apple eventually canceled the developer account for “Epic Games” Fortnite has not been available on iOS devices since August With Epic refusing to abide by the “App Store” rules, there is no way to get back to the “App Store”

Apple and Epic will face each other in court in July 2021 Both sides are currently preparing for the upcoming litigation

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World news – FI – Epic Games extends Fortnite litigation with Apple to Great Britain

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