Elvis Presley’s father decided to remarry – and that caused a family drama with Elvis He boycotted his father’s wedding for a very specific reason.After that, his stepmother accused Elvis of inspiring her sons to use drugs – and she even gave her opinion on why the King of Rock’n’Roll died so young

In the early 1960s, Elvis was making a film called G I Blues in Germany According to the book The Elvis Archives, he came home from filming in Memphis, Tennessee

At that time, his father Vernon Presley married a widow named Davda “Dee” Stanley, whom he met in Germany. Stanley and Vernon married in Huntsville, Alabama Elvis was nowhere to be found on their wedding day. Elvis Australia, the King of Rock said ‘n’Roll was furious that his father wanted to remarry so soon after his mother’s death in 1958

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The Elvis Archives reports that Elvis decided to boycott the wedding. He felt like he had only one mother – his birth mother, Gladys Presley. He said Stanley should understand that she couldn’t take Gladys’ place and if she understood, there would be no “problems” between the two. In addition, Elvis swore he would stand by his father and gave his new step-siblings lots of toys

Elvis Australia reports that Elvis’ connection with Stanley continued after his death. She co-wrote a book about her stepson named Elvis: We Love You Tender, “It’s the story of a wife and mother, her sons and how it was felt when most of our lives were consumed by Elvis’ own life, “she revealed,” We want the world to see human suffering beneath the glittering veneer “

A book like Elvis: We Love You Tender could obviously be viewed as exploitative, however Stanley had an answer to this idea, “How could I take advantage of it more than it has already been exploited?” She said “Besides, we’ve all given Elvis our lives. Maybe we’re just trying to take something back now”

She also accused Elvis’ drug habits of causing her sons to use drugs “His stepbrothers adored him and everything Elvis did they did,” she told Stanley also said Elvis felt guilty about his stepbrothers made to use drugs

Stanley also had a theory about why Elvis died so young “Elvis was a drug addict and neither of us could admit it until he was gone,” she said. “There was no one in the world who would say no to him If there were a woman or a man who were strong enough, Elvis would still be alive today ”


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