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With two easy fights in the marquee and results likely to signal the end of any speculation about a return for Khabib Nurmagomedov, the UFC 257 card appeared to signal a change of guard on the 155-pound division on Saturday

Dustin Poirier scored a staggering TKO from Conor McGregor in his rematch, shattering UFC President Dana White’s hope for a blockbuster rematch between Nurmagomedov and McGregor, and Michael Chandler made a powerful statement on his commercial debut by speaking Dan Hooker defeated

Now, the hard part for White and UFC matchmakers is deciding who to fight whom to advance in a division that remains historically low despite losing the undefeated Nurmagomedov in retirement

Given the star power, recent accomplishment, and most deserving resume, the UFC could look next for the UFC at £ 155

Despite how much Poirier shared in the post-fight press conference about how undeserved Chandler thinks it’s possible to cross the line, the former three-time Bellator MMA champion caused as alarming a stir as it gets in his Octagon made its debut by defeating Dan Hooker in the first round.No one deserves fighting for the title after Nurmagomedov’s departure than Poirier, who could be retrospectively named champion and no one would complain about but Chandler received a massive one Platform to make a big statement from the UFC and he was not preferred as a betting underdog from a matchmaking standpoint. All Chandler did was go beyond any possible expectation anyone had of him With all due respect to Charles Oliveira and With his eight-bout winning streak, UFC would be wise to capitalize on Chandler’s violent arrival by having a fight with Poirier that is almost guaranteed to happen An instant classic would be

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A fight that supposedly was already discussed behind the scenes would be a perfect must-do 1 contender fight Oliveira certainly has a reason to fight for the title, especially according to the testimony he made when he met Tony Ferguson in December But among the top contenders to suffer defeat, no one currently has a stronger résumé than Gaethje The Bloody Thug may be fresh after a disappointing title loss to Nurmagomedov, but his knockout streak of four fights in that fight still retains great value given the incredible talent in the division right now, it’s tough to have a bad fight between two names in the top 15 yet, in a deep pool of potential fights not too dissimilar, that fight still screams incredible potential for Entertainment and violence

Sure, McGregor had lost twice at the Octagon before. Not so and never by knockout, although McGregor said the right things after being stopped by Poirier, including his desire to increase activity (along with learning to defend calf punches ), he must decide which lane to fight in to move forward Given his marketability, there is no shortage of fights McGregor could pursue to capitalize on his ability to generate great interest as a celebrity, including a third dance with Nate Diaz But if McGregor decides to really get back on track within the 155-pound cover picture, he shouldn’t deserve protection from the level of matchmaking, should Poirier become the next champion, it’s no secret that a trilogy against McGregor is a massive one Marketability for the UFC would mean it won’t feel that important though when “The Noto rious “doesn’t deserve its way there with a tough win against a top 10 opponent. With 36-year-old Ferguson surging two surprising losses to elite opponents, there may be no better time than now to book this fight and to decide which superstar fighter will finally leave the cover picture (it would not be an absolute war for nothing, which would be deserved as the main PPV event without a title)

Thanks for the support to everyone! Wasn’t there my night / morning but a great competition to improve on I’m excited to see the blockbuster trilogy I have in my hands now Dustin is a hell of a competitor and I look forward to going back there God bless us all, happy sunday ❤️

This all-Brazilian showdown may not be as loved by casual fans as the bouts above, but it would be important to propel the winner into a big bout with potential title repercussions, Ferreira has seen a renaissance at the age of 35, taking the Hidden from the Radar With six straight wins since 2016, including a dominant assist from former champion Anthony Pettis at the 2020 opening, Ferreira could be a long-term sleeper should he keep winning Dos Anjos is a 36-year-old former champion ready for seems to be another big run after dropping to 155 pounds in his thrilling five-round fight last November and defeating Paul Felder by a split decision with the RDA’s name likely getting him straight into a big fight should it win It also makes him a potential candidate, McGregor’s first opponent after the Netherlands ge against Poirier as dos Anjos was originally supposed to defend his easy title at UFC 196 against McGregor before dropping out with a foot injury (and sparking a McGregor rivalry with Diaz)

What was lost in the McGregor discussion on the way to UFC 257 was how much Diaz seemed best for a return to £ 155 in hopes of winning a trilogy for the £ 155 title against McGregor These plans must have delayed of course, but Diaz could still come up with an interesting B-side for UFC to use as a name opponent at any point as his PPV history is matched against McGregor and Jorge Masvidal Diaz would need a quality win within the division first, to make this possible, and a fight against Felder could produce an incredible theatrical performance while also creating credibility for Diaz’s position within the division given Poirier’s expressed interest in fighting Diaz during the press conference the Saturday after the Fight “silencing” this would be a fight that could be very useful

Although a lengthy hiatus after consecutive losses to top competition might be the best medicine for Hooker, the first thing he needs to do is decide if he wants to keep fighting. The New Zealander dropped his gloves after losing to Chandler in the octagon and had much speculation on his retirement But Hooker is only 30 years old and remains one of the toughest and most tech-savvy the division has to offer.If he chooses to return, it would be a battle against the extremely inconsistent Lee, a former interim title -Challenger, the perfect litmus test for the future of both

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