Dustin Johnson kept calm and beat his history of fouls in the fourth round as he en route to winning the Augusta National record

Dustin Johnson didn’t lose his lead in the fourth round this time, instead recovering from a shaky start and winning the Masters with 20 below a tie Matt Slocom / Associated Press

Record-breaking was on his mind because it was, of course Dustin Johnson wanted that too He just didn’t bother looking for the number

“Was it 19 (less) before?” Johnson asked a master official to his right in the interview room late on a Sunday afternoon they were wearing matching green jackets.

He told he was 18 years old (shared by Tiger Woods and Jordan Speth), flashing a shy smile that rarely gave his expression away His answers seem designed to divert attention after a moment, Johnson admits he didn’t look at the scoreboard all day either.

Not yet cascading shaky ghost in Nos 4 and 5 peel his four shots back; Nor, after three consecutive birds on the back, left nine birds, Cameron Smith and Songjae M, Johnson’s last stalker, in the dust, and he saw no necessity to complicate matters.

“I didn’t want it to affect the gameplay,” Johnson said. “I just didn’t look at it. I took what the course gave me and hit the shots that I felt I could hit.”

After he’s 18 years old, he finally gives up. Johnson turns to his brother Austin, who comfortably serves as his box, and asks him where he is

“I told him he had a lead with five shots,” Austin recalled. “I could kick him from there. He didn’t have evidence”

Johnson’s aversion to drama is often confused with indifference He went out on tour in 2007 looking all over the world as if he was born to play golf – with long arms, slow heartbeat and a drink swing that belies his raw strength – then he wins early, except for the big companies , Often

Johnson completed his ascent to No. 1 in the world for the first time in 2017 and stayed there for the most part of the three years that followed. He has already won twice this year and still maintains that high spot when he arrived in Augusta, having already spent Almost two weeks in quarantine after testing positive for the Coronavirus If anyone has a story that went straight through this weird epidemic-disrupting season, it’s Johnson.

However, no one was happier when the pre-tournament spotlight focused on Tiger Woods ‘chances of replicating his unlikely 2019 victory, and Bryson Deschamps’ grand plan to split Augusta National by the way he cut and the winged footage in UX Open was probably expected, both were Old news by the time Johnson extended a four-shot lead heading into the Final Round

The move brought Johnson’s agonizing past at the big companies back to the fore in his lone victory, the 2016 UX Open, came from four shots in the back on the last day to win four more occasions, Johnson had at least a share of the lead after 54 holes and failed in Take advantage of it Although you wouldn’t know by watching him play – at least after these early ghosts – the suspense had an effect on him as well.

Johnson began, “I prove to myself that I have it, because I’m sure a lot of you are thinking “Then pause,” Like, when will I get the lead and end a golf tournament or finish a major tournament?

Johnson saved the real surprise As it turned out in a post-match interview for CBS, Amanda Balones tried several times to persuade Johnson to clarify what it meant to finally slip on the green Every time he tried to answer, Johnson choked and tearfully fought back.

“I’m sorry,” I apologized more than once, “It’s hard to talk, I didn’t find it hard to pull myself together”

Maybe not on a golf course, because inside the ropes, Johnson knew where to turn but at the age of 36, he faced again the question whether all this talent would be enough when the matter was most important, and he finally answered it by proving how important it was to him

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Dustin Johnson, Polina Gretzky

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