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This year has been wild for a number of reasons, and the entertainment industry is certainly struggling with a few twists and turns. One of the most recent twists and turns occurred at Warner Bros. announced that Wonder Woman 1984 and all future blockbusters will be released simultaneously in theaters and on HBO Max, which has a significant impact on a number of popular traits, and now Harley Quinn actress Margot Robbie has her silence on the studio’s new release strategy broken

Margot Robbie plays one of the greatest characters in the DC Extended Universe as audiences and critics reacted immediately to her live-action version of Harley Quinn. Robbie will make her third appearance as Harley in James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad, due out in August Will be going straight home next year The writer / producer replied on the Warner Bros.’Release Change, say:

We know there are people at Warner Bros Who we have brilliant relationships with who are very talent friendly and for the incredible reputation of Warner Bros. has been the predominant talent-forward studio for the past few decades. We hope this works out and Warner Bros it will please his storytellers

Well there you have it.While Margot Robbie was seemingly careful with her words in order to continue her enduring relationship with Warner Bros. She, Oscar nominee, is optimistic about the future of the DCEU, we just need to see exactly how Wonder Woman looked at both 1984 the box office as well as streaming numbers cuts off

Margot Robbie’s comments on THR show how Warner Bros’New wild plans for future releases have the potential to hit countless cast and crew members, while Robbie is confident that future storytelling won’t be compromised, straight home movies like Dune and The Suicide Squad will no doubt be a big change for us To be a theater and a theater owner

Both of the DC films with Margot Robbie are currently streamed on HBO Max, which will also be home to Wonder Woman 1984 for Christmas 1984. You can sign up for the streaming service using this link

It should be interesting to see if Warner Bros continues its new release strategy over time The 1984 release of Wonder Woman was a necessity unless Patty Jenkins’ blockbuster was delayed again, but as the world becomes more normal in the future, we’ll see if movies continue to direct go home

As for Margot Robbie, DC fans can’t wait to see her again play Harley Quinn in James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad. A sequel / reboot of David Ayer’s original, the film will once again feature Harley as a member of the Task Force X kicks ass and takes name and although she is expected to have a longer life in the DCEU, many of her teammates will not survive the movie

The suicide commission is currently due on 6 In the meantime, check out our release list for 2021 to help plan your cinema trips for the next year

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