It seems like the UFC continues to expand at a rapid pace since Dana White became UFC president in 2001, she has expanded the brand from the bottom of the barrel to the top of the martial arts world, now it seems like the UFC is near Future will reach new heights

During an interview, White claims there will be an announcement that fighters “are among the major sports leagues”

“We’re going to have announcements this year that will take the sport and the brand to a whole new level,” White told BT Sport. “Every year we keep climbing The Draft Kings deal is massive. It has always been important to us that We are now seen as the other big (sport) – the NBA, NFL and Major League Baseball So that these athletes are respected and at the level that these other athletes are, we are finally here. We are here now ”

The biggest deal for the UFC was last in 2019 when Dana White announced they would partner with ESPN since then, the UFC has been broadcast exclusively on ESPN, which is the main reason users subscribed to ESPN as one Subscribing to the streaming service is now the only option to purchase pay-per-view fights

The Disney-owned company has risen to the forefront of the sports world for quite some time and has blended into the mix with NBA, NFL and MLB for the past two years as it has become increasingly popular around the world as you can imagine what Dana White has in store:

“We’re going to use and expand this around the world”In these other countries we basically have to compete with football and cricket. We’re getting there”

A good guess would be that the UFC is finding its way into countries where the sport is not very popular. With the mention of cricket, Dana White could push for events in India that could grow the company massively / p>

LeBron James

World News – FI – Dana White claims UFC fighters are approaching LeBron, Aaron Rodgers levels