Street artist Banksy hopes to raise more than £ 3 million for the NHS by auctioning a painting that offers staff a “universal tribute”

The anonymous graffiti artist is now auctioning the original canvas to raise funds for the NHS, with a reproduction of the work slated to remain in the hospital

While Batman and Spiderman are thrown away in a trash can, the child reaches for a figure of a masked nurse who is wearing a cloak

The 1 x 1 m picture was hung in a foyer near the emergency room in collaboration with the hospital managers

Auction firm Christie’s said the painting “offers a picture of hope” and is a “personal tribute to those who turn the tide of the pandemic”

Katharine Arnold of Christie’s added, “Game Changer is a universal tribute to everyone fighting on the front lines of this crisis worldwide

“The work pays homage to the strength and resilience of those who have shown real leadership during the pandemic, the staff of our vital NHS,” she added

She also described Game Changer as a “beacon for staff and patients” in the hospital

When the picture was first revealed, a note said, “Thanks for everything you do I hope this brightens the place up a bit, even if it’s just black and white”

Game Changer will first be seen outside the hospital when it runs out from Aug. to 15 March before the auction on 23 March will be exhibited at Christie’s headquarters in London

Banksy’s latest artwork was released on Jan. March on the wall of Reading Prison showing a prisoner escaping on a rope made of sheets tied to a typewriter

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