“Club Kid Killer” Michael Alig – the famously flamboyant party supporter arrested for murder – was found dead on a drug overdose suspect in his Manhattan apartment, officials said Friday

The 54-year-old former scene and convict was spotted by a friend just before midnight on Christmas Eve on his block in Washington Heights, authorities said

Detectives recovered several plastic zippered bags, which may contain heroin, from the home and drug paraphernalia

Alig’s death was the final chapter in a filthy, sensational – and cautionary – story about striving to become famous in the Big Apple and ultimately succumb to its excesses

He was known in his heyday as the self-proclaimed “King of Club Kids,” a group of outrageously dressed hedonists who hosted the city’s most sought-after nightclub parties in the 1980s and early 1990s

Alig told The Post in an exclusive 2014 interview about how he was a gay person in South Bend, Ind, grew up carrying Izod – and felt like he finally got home after arriving in the Big Apple in 1984

He had moved to New York City to attend Fordham University and quickly met a fellow student who changed the path of his life

The young man, Ludovic, was the friend of famous pop artist Keith Haring and brought Alig to a party his friend was throwing at the now-defunct Area Club on Hudson Street

Ludovic was wearing underwear and white body paint as he drove the couple past the extremely picky doorman

“[I was] a midwestern outsider who came to New York City in search of acceptance, opportunity, and fun,” Alig recalled in his column for The Post

“As a gay teen resigned to my sexuality, I was overwhelmed and excited. It was liberating,” he wrote of the wild scene that included singer and androgyny icon Grace Jones, among about 300 others People celebrated

“Talk about you are in the right place at the right time,” said Alig. “While the rest of the country was entrenched in the Reaganomics Depression and just say no, downtown New York had nightlife a moment ”

“Fabulous” was the word of the day The wilder, more eccentric the makeup, hair, and costumes, the better – and no one in the oddball club-hopper hierarchy was valued more than a gendered man with an entourage

Alig dropped out of school and joined the racetrack He donned his own version of garish makeup and fancy outfits to throw parties in the tunnel, spotlight, and other nightclubs

He became part of an exclusive, trend-setting group called Club Kids who “were only paid to show up and add a little fabulousness to the mix,” recalled Alig,

Alig began taking heroin, cocaine, ecstasy, and ketamine with the best of them, and drinking heavily

In March 1996, Alig and another friend, Robert “Freeze” Riggs, got into a beef with Angel Melendez, a small drug dealer while they were all on ketamine. Alig remembered The Post how he and Riggs Melendez died beat, then dismembered his body and threw the pieces into the Hudson River

But Alig continued to fight his seemingly ubiquitous demons, being arrested in 2017 for possession of crystal meth near Yankee Stadium and consistently homeless.He moved into the Upper Manhattan apartment about six months ago, neighbors said – and there were obvious problems from the start

“I heard a lot of drama from his place – a lot of people were screaming,” 27-year-old neighbor Elvis Miller told the Post on Friday. “People waiting eight hours outside his door ask about him and ask for ‘Michael

“He always acted a little crazy,” said Miller, who had moved into the building four months ago. “Like his nervous system was out of order. He stumbled, always rushed, always frightened

When Miller found out that Alig was dead, he replied, “Oh my god! He died?! I’m shocked I saw the police car here last night I didn’t know it was for him ”

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