Carol Vorderman admitted she was stunned after taking a look at herself in the mirror, the mathematician who recently turned 60 Celebrating her birthday, announced that she had taken matters into her own hands and dyed her hair dark brown during the lockdown

The earlier countdown legend admitted that her switch from flashy blonde to dark brunette came as a “big shock” to the radio station

He exclaimed, “We used to talk about your hair and how it changed color”

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The BBC presenter decided to take action and dyed her curls at home

“About five years ago I thought I was going to dye [my hair] blonde because I’ve been a brunette all my life”

She continued, “I dyed it blonde and it’s different shades, but it looks a bit shabby – I think – as blonde

“So I bought hair dye from the chemist and made it myself. I thought, ‘I’ll just leave it on for 10 minutes’

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An astonished Carol commented, “Do it! It’s quite a shock and I know a lot of women get that

“If you’ve had a certain color for a long time and then you radically change [your hair]

“I’ve gone from blonde to very dark – you look in the mirror and think ‘Who is that?'”

Carol later took to social media showcasing her new hairstyle in the face of her 455000 Twitter followers

Elsewhere, Carol suffered a slight glitch when the studio webcam lowered awkwardly during a recent broadcast to reveal her chest rather than her face

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Carol Vorderman

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