SOFIA, Bulgaria – Bulgarian authorities say they broke a ring printed in high quality counterfeit banknotes and documents, including a fake passport with the photo of actor Sylvester Stallone, to impress potential customers

Prosecutors on Friday accused four Bulgarians of being part of an organized crime group that produces and distributes forged Bulgarian documents and fake US Dollar and Euro banknotes

In a joint operation with Europol and the US. Secret service, law enforcement agencies raided 30 locations, prosecutors said in a statement that six people were taken into custody after illegal printing machines and devices for printing money and documents and large quantities of counterfeit $ 100 and EUR 50 bills were found / p>

“Officers also confiscated a Bulgarian passport with the image of a prominent US Actor used as an example to show customers the high quality of their counterfeit production, “the statement reads

Sylvester Stallone

World news – FI – Bulgaria bust ring, from which high quality papers and banknotes are made