Brian May of Queen met Freddie Mercury on 29 On the anniversary of the legendary singer’s death, an emotional tribute was paid

Mercury died on Jan. November 1991 at his home in Kensington, just 24 hours after confirming his fight against HIV / AIDS

To mark the anniversary on Instagram, May shared two mirrored images of Mercury relaxing in a dressing room before a performance

“I miss you, Freddie, on this day rest in peace Rock in Eternity Bri”, the Queen guitarist captioned the photo

One fan wrote his own respect, writing in the comments: “We miss you and love you FREDDIE! I send you good thoughts, Bri and everyone else in the band who knew our wonderful Freddie ”

Honors also came from an official Mercury management Twitter account, where a photo of the singer was shared during a Queen performance in full flight

May’s tribute comes after revealing how Queen initially thought their Live Aid performance was “kind of okay” without realizing they’d put on one of the most iconic performances of all time

The 22-minute set of the 1985 charity concert is considered one of the greatest live sets of all time and was recreated for the band’s 2018 biopic Bohemian Rhapsody

As May reflected on the experience of seeing the movie that was being made, he revealed how the band had a humble opinion about their performance after getting off the stage during the original show

“They recreated it so incredibly true to the original, and being on that set was really scary it brought it all back. And at the time we weren’t aware of what a landmark thing it really was. We came out and thought, “Well, that was kind of okay” But we didn’t notice that it made such a lasting impression on made the ether”… It lives on somehow, doesn’t it?”

He praised Mercury’s talents, adding, “He had a great spatial awareness, and that is something very important

“When you work with people on stage you need to have musical contact, but you also need the kind of physical chemistry – awareness of where you are and where you are directing your energy”Freddie was wonderful for that and we just clicked”

from the start

In July, Queen drummer Roger Taylor also announced his belief that the band would still record new music if Mercury were alive

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