Brandi Glanville apologized for the “joke” that she wanted Armie Hammer to “have her rib cage”

Hammer is currently at the center of a social media scandal after private messages allegedly written by the actor were leaked online The messages apparently contained references to graphic sexual fantasies, including a cannibalism fetish

On Monday (8 February) former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills stars Glanville alluded to the controversy and tweeted (on page 6): “@armiehammer, you can have my chest [heart emoji], how can you keep getting hotter? and hot #letsbbq ”

After the tweet received a negative backlash, Glanville replied, “I’m not sorry I’m not taking it back It was a joke, I need my rib cage, but maybe it can have one of my kidneys]] ”

However, the tweets were later deleted The reality TV star claimed she did not know the extent of the allegations against Hammer and “felt kind of bad”

“Folks, I didn’t know the level of allegation against AH,” she wrote. “I just read that he was getting divorced and thought he was hot No more headline porn for me! I’ve learned my lesson”

Her followers weren’t convinced, however, and one Twitter user replied, “You referred to your rib honey you knew it’s okay to make a bad joke, but at least to own it”

“You were literally referring to your ribs; You obviously knew So if you want to lie, at least make it believable, ”wrote another

It was reported earlier this week that Hammer was dropped by his talent agency and personal publicist in the wake of the allegations

In January the actor broke off his latest project, Shotgun Wedding, and called the allegations “Bulls *** Claims”

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World News – FI – Brandi Glanville says she learned her lesson after a controversial tweet from Armie Hammer