Brandi Glanville sets the record right after some followers and some prominent news outlets speculated that she shadowed LeAnn Rimes’ appearance on “The Masked Singer” that season, the country singer won the finals on Wednesday night

On Thursday, the former “RHOBH” star – the ex-wife of Rimes’ husband Eddie Cibrian – took to Twitter to address confusion and denied she was dissing Rimes

“At first I didn’t shadow or resolve any lean rhymes that I rooted for her victory,” tweeted Glanville, who shares sons Mason, 17 and Jake, 13 with Cibrian. “She clearly told my kids that she would never do the show to keep things a secret because they have big mouths she deserved to win I’m glad she won! stop reading shit! “

While Glanville claimed she was thrilled with Rimes ‘victory, some of her followers didn’t buy him after the Bravo star repeatedly misspelled Rimes’ name

“Geez, you couldn’t even spell your name correctly, it’s LeAnn,” wrote one user while another tweeted, “Cut the crap, if you didn’t try to shadow her, you’d get her name Spell correctly “

Another fan was more friendly and said, “I love you but I know it’s social media but spelling is key !! Haha”

Firstly, I didn’t shadow or break up the meager rhymes I rooted for her victory.She made it clear to my kids that she would never do the show to keep things a secret because they have big mouths and she deserved it to win I’m glad she won! Stop reading shit!

Glanville predicted back in October that the sun on the show was “100 percent” Rimes

“I think the sun is 100 percent Leann Rimes #maskedsinger,” she tweeted at the time, “Though my kids don’t tell you a way because she told them she’d never do this show because she’s sooo beneath her “

Before the finale on Wednesday, the podcast host also tweeted: “I hope my children’s bonus mom, The Sun Leanne Rines, wins the masked singer #Spitfire”



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