When Charlie presented Chaplin on Christmas Day 1977 at the age of 88, he abandoned the script for a final unfinished film entitled “The Freak.” A passionate endeavor by a younger winged girl named Serapha who in all Types of methods being exploited

Italy’s Cineteca di Bologna archives, long devoted to the preservation and restoration of Charlie Chaplin’s oeuvre, have just revealed an e-book that, for the first time, unveils the ultimate model of Chaplin’s complete “The Freak” script The e-book also contains previously invisible materials, similar to preparatory notes, drawings, images and stills from filmed samples of the film, which Bologna archives chief Gianluca Farinelli Chaplin calls “inventive testimony”

Serapha was born to some British missionaries and lands in Patagonia, the place where she turns into an angelic destiny on a pilgrim website for the invalids in search of healing She is then kidnapped and reintroduced in London to be exhibited for money in front of a crowd of wonder seekers before she can escape and be brought to justice to show that she is in some way human

“The Freak” – which Chaplin’s then younger daughter Victoria was supposed to play because it plays the leading role – options rape, murder and the woman’s death in the Atlantic as Serapha tries to return to Patagonia. There was a little cameo for Chaplin himself as incredulous drunks she sees flying overhead in the London sky

Chaplin conceived and developed the concept for the film in 1968-69 when he was practically 80 years old. Before attempting to raise funding, Chaplin personally employed designers to provide storyboards and options for the required pre-CGI Discover results

The Cineteca di Bologna e-book on Chaplin’s unmade film, which took 10 years of work, to be published in Italian earlier than it is offered to global publishers. In 2014, the Bologna Archives revealed Chaplin’s previously unpublished novella “Footlights”, the prerequisite for his completed graduation film “Limelight”, a couple of younger ballerina and clowns The e-book “Footlights: The World of Limelight” with a commentary by British critic and Chaplin biographer David Robinson has now been published in 18 languages ​​

The e-book on “The Freak”, which also includes a commentary from Robinson, was compiled by Bologna’s Cecilia Cenciarelli, who has worked with the Chaplin Archives for years, and is kept among the many newspapers of the Chaplin producer Jerry found Epstein

Cenciarelli worked in close collaboration with Victoria Chaplin on the e-book, which provides insights and private testimonies about the company in a dialogue chapter, as did the main director for works of art, Gerald Larn, during the preparation of the film Kate Guyonvarch, managing director of the Paris-based Chaplin Workplace, which licenses Chaplin rights worldwide, also worked carefully together on the project

Farinelli calls “The Freak,” devoted to the almighty energy of money, the rising impact of advertising and media tradition, and even the rise of spiritual fanaticism, a “very effective story,” Farinelli notes that Chaplin’s graduation project was also very much in 1969 rooted – depending on what year the script is dated – identical to [Francois] Truffaut’s’ The Wild Youngster ‘and Dennis Hoppers’ Straightforward Driver, “he says

In the afterword of the e-book, Farinelli points out as an alternative that “The Freak” is the primary Chaplin film, in which a lady is the protagonist and the “exclusively constructive character” ”

“The Freak” was “introduced as a tribute to the ladies in his life,” writes Farinelli A tribute to the lovely actresses Chaplin has worked with, including Mabel Normand, Edna Purviance (“The Child”), Claire Bloom (“Limelight”), his fourth wife Oona O’Neill and his beloved daughters specifically quotes Victoria

Farinelli also takes into account that at the age of eighty, Chaplin had freed himself from the burden of showing himself so that “his creativity can run free”. Finally, the tramp, the oddball, could “create the illusion of a bird woman for his thesis.” to tackle a freak ”

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