Tonight’s episode 8 of Blue Bloods Season 11 is just around the corner and it seems that there are a lot of interesting topics being discussed throughout

For more thoughts on this topic, just have to take a quick look below! This is where Frank Reagan comes in with a very specific question for his daughter Erin: Does she feel overlooked? Keep in mind that she wasn’t selected for the district attorney job even though it looked like she got it before.She is clearly successful and experienced enough to get this job done, although it doesn’t seem that important to her instead deal with some of the problems she is facing in the present

While we believe Erin is bothering not to get the job, the fact that the new prosecutor is tailing her bothers her even more just that, but she asks all sorts of questions about how the Reagans do their business. She doesn’t appreciate their somewhat casual relationship with the rules and seems skeptical of almost every single thing they do

The Reagans are not perfect – very few families we know, however, that they all act with the best of intentions, whether Frank, Erin, Jamie or Danny Erin may be trying to convince their new boss but we don’t believe that it is so easy to just say a few words and hope that she understood.Instead, this feels more like a situation where she has to prove it over time with her actions

Can Frank make Erin feel better about the situation? Maybe if nothing else, it at least gives her a soundboard

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