For a hot recording artist who is notorious for hiding her young body in deliberately unsexy baggy clothes, Billie Eilish is sure to make a bustle of the bustle

As the youngest A-Lister to take part in the viral Instagram challenge “Post a Photo Of”, the singer from “Bad Guy” appears to be 100 in an hour on TuesdayLosing 000 followers – after sharing a series of pics of women Breasts

As a fan documented on Twitter, Eilish’s number of followers quickly dropped from 73 million on the platform to 729 million

But the entire episode seems like the 19-year-old, Grammy-winning singer-songwriter who happens to be one of the most-attended people on the “Gram

When asked by a fan “Post a picture of: a drawing you are really proud of”, Eilish replied “probably this one” and shared a number of artistic paintings and sketches of breasts, nipples and bums, some of them with a huge snake that envelops the naked female body in various shapes and sizes. The work of art, which has now expired, was recorded by Cosmopolitan and Consequence of Sound and released for posterity

Billie Eilish took part in a social media challenge and posted her own boobs for the prompt, “A drawing you are really proud of” Then she lost 100000 followers: https: // tco / k2rbXRk74P BildTwittercom / WXXzwNtRfu

Although the decline could be due to any number of swings in social media, her watchdog fan base quickly blamed the deficit in trapped fandom for her breast share

“Bye, she’s not losing 100000 breasts, ”tweeted a fan with screenshots of the slightly reduced number of followers

Reps for Eilish didn’t immediately respond to the Post’s request for comment, but wasn’t afraid – their Instagram follower number was back to 73 million on Wednesday morning

#breastgate, however, is hardly the first time the female form sparked online controversy for Eilish in early March – just before the coronavirus pandemic killed her tour – she let a now viral video of herself in one (for her, anyway ) black tank top fall

The footage showed Eilish’s intonation, “When I wear something that’s comfortable, I’m not a woman. When I take the layers off, I’m a slut. Even though you’ve never seen my body, you still judge it and judge me.” for why? We make assumptions about people based on their size We decide who they are, we decide what they’re worth If I wear more, if I wear less, who will decide what makes me do it? What that means? Is my value based only on your perception? Or is your opinion of me not my responsibility? “

Next up: In December, she responded to a physical backlash over allegedly unflattering paparazzi photos: “Everyone says,” Damn, Billie got fat! “she said, mocking her haters,” and I think, “No, this is what I look like! You just never saw it!”

She also sparked fan madness last week when she wrote, “I make you a great album I won’t delete it if you make fun of my hair”

It seems like she has a lot less superficial things on her mind: “I’m going to give you a new era,” she continued, “I have to make announcements, I have to erase some s-t”

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Billie Eilish

World News – FI – Billie Eilish calls out “babies” who didn’t follow her because they posted breasts