When Elon Musk adds #Bitcoin to his Twitter bio, you know buying bitcoin is back in vogue

The cryptocurrency is pumping, perhaps not too coincidentally, as the investment app Robinhood has been criticized for censoring stock and crypto trading in response to the Wall Street Bets saga

Coinbase’s popularity has reached its highest level since 2017 and is now the ninth most downloaded application on Apple’s (AAPL) US. App Store also

Centralized exchanges are one of the oldest in the game and historically was the US.Option to Buy Bitcoin and Its Altcoin Cohort Because buying from Coinbase is straightforward and there are so many market cycles already, the service has strong brand awareness and network effects, making it a routine referral to newbies looking to buy Bitcoin / p>

As the influx of new users shows, Coinbase is hugely popular, however, since the last Bitcoin market frenzy, a lot has changed and there are numerous options for first-timers to buy their first Bitcoin in addition to Coinbase, some of which offer lower startup fees / p>

Note that when volume spikes, all exchanges are prone to failure. Neither of these exchanges is necessarily better than Coinbase.This is just a selection of a few alternative options

Below are places to go to buy Bitcoin, which are exclusive to the US and who only buy bitcoin and sell their fees are comparable to or lower than Coinbase’s and they generally have better availability, even during times of high market volatility

These platforms act as brokers who buy and sell Bitcoin for their customers rather than real exchanges where users can trade with one another

For US. Square’s Cash App (SQ) is probably the easiest and fastest place to buy Bitcoin.You can set up your bank account, which can take a few days on board, or use your debit card which you can use to start buying Bitcoin right away

With the Cash app, available on mobile devices and on the web, you can save up to 100Buy $ 000 a week in Bitcoin and 2$ 000 per day and 5Withdraw $ 000 per week

Cash App also offers automatic recurring purchases and has a debit card that allows holders to receive Bitcoin back rewards The purchase fees vary between 1% and 3% depending on the order size (the larger the order, the cheaper the fee) The Cash App does not charge a fee for withdrawing

US.-exclusive River Financial is a relatively new bitcoin-only broker focused on providing a full suite of Bitcoin-related customer services to its customers.It’s not as easy as downloading the Cash app, but River’s financial suite has a number of services that make them a standout part of Bitcoin exchanges

River enables deposits and withdrawals from Lightning Network, for example This means you can instantly deposit or remove your Bitcoin from River for zero (or near zero) network costs. You can also integrate your hardware wallet (s) to keep track of the Bitcoin that you keep on your River account in the cold store As with the Cash App, you can automatically schedule recurring Bitcoin purchases

River is intended for larger purchases as the minimum purchase is $ 100 and only purchases with a U are possible Bank account River has no withdrawal fee and charges between 1% and 3%

for purchases depending on size

The bitcoin-only service has become popular with bitcoiners as its users can set daily recurring car purchases to as little as $ 10.Swan users can also set a wallet for automatic withdrawals.It is designed for bitcoiners who have an average daily or weekly purchase, and offers some of the lowest (if not) fees for spot Bitcoin purchases in the USAS

Weekly purchases of $ 50 or more are subject to a 119% fee unless the buyer pays their fees upfront through an annual savings plan In this case the fees are 099% Swan does not charge any withdrawal fees and only links to a bank account

Whether you are inside or outside the USHere are some centralized exchanges that serve an international clientele

Each of the exchanges listed below have a mobile app (for Android and iOS) to manage your account on the go and allow fiat currency deposits via bank transfer or credit / debit card.They also have Bitcoin’s Lightning Network enabled (or plan to do so in the near future) which means customers can use this network to avoid high fees in the chain if they are self-custody

The trading fees on these Bitcoin exchange platforms are lower than those of Coinbase and other brokers, usually around 01% -05% per trade, but the experience of buying Bitcoin may not be that easy for newbies as these exchanges, too which many altcoins belong to, are primarily set up as trading venues.As a result, those who are not used to layouts for exchanging cryptocurrencies may be more difficult to navigate than other options

Bitfinex is an international exchange that is one of the oldest in the industry and supports trading in US Dollars, Euros, British Pounds, Japanese Yen, China’s Yuan and all major stable coins

As a plus for power users, Bitfinex also offers deposits and withdrawals via Bitcoin’s Lightning Network and Blockstream’s Liquid Sidechain

Kraken is one of the oldest US.-based exchanges and offers spot trading for Bitcoin and Altcoins as well as leveraged trading.The exchange supports deposits in USD, EUR, CAD, AUD, GBP, CHF, JPY and major stablecoins

Kraken Exchange informed CoinDesk at the end of 2020 that the integration of the Bitcoin Lightning network for deposits and withdrawals was planned for this year

OKCoin is an international exchange that accepts deposits in USD, EUR and Singapore dollars (SGD), as well as major stablecoins, and the exchange is in the process of integrating the Lightning network, which is due to go online in February

These bitcoin exchanges do not require your client’s identity (KYC) verification and allow users to trade directly with each other without revealing their private keys to any third party (unlike the centralized exchanges described above) Since you never give your private keys to the exchange, no third party can freeze your money for these services

Non-KYC exchanges allow customers to buy Bitcoin under the radar so they don’t share sensitive personal information with anyone else.As the Ledger and BlockFi security breaches suggest, not every hack ends with a loss of funds Exchanges and services that store KYC information are a honeypot for hackers who sell stolen personal information such as emails and physical addresses on the dark internet

When you buy Bitcoin this way, you jump through more hoops and it becomes more difficult than the typical route, but it does make the Bitcoin more “private” (although it usually comes with a high premium cost)

Hodl Hodl is a global peer-to-peer bitcoin exchange that uses multi-signature wallets to transfer trades between users

The Hodl Hodl marketplace offers merchants the ability to support any payment method they want (cell, PayPal, bank transfer, Altcoins, SWIFT, credit cards and gift cards) Once the payment for a trade is complete, each party signs the end of the multisig wallet to release funds. In the event of a disagreement, Hodl’s team Hodl


Since Hodl Hodl does not need a KYC, Bitcoin is usually sold with a premium of 5% compared to other exchanges

Bisq is Bitcoin’s only self-hosted decentralized switch, which means that every Bisq user must download the switch’s software and run a Bisq node to trade the service A multi-signature wallet is used for escrow business

The exchange offers Bitcoin and Monero trading (XMR) with limits between 0 and 025 to 2 BTC for each trade, depending on the payment method (similar to Hodl Hodl) Market maker fees are 01% and buyer fees are 07 %; When users pay fees in BSQ, a bitcoin-colored coin that acts as a Bisq exchange token, they are 005% for makers and 035% for buyers

Here is a game many would love to play to make a billion dollars in a month? And nine investors just made it with GameStop shares

There has been nothing quite like this GameStop (GME) saga lately so you most likely have no money in hedge funds because some of the big investors in hedge funds are the massive public sector pension funds across America that already have swim in red ink

The move by retailers versus hedge funds has seen several stocks surge, many of the top movers have been stocks with a high percentage of their floating stocks empty, leading to what is known as a short squeeze among the other soaring stocks themes is that many of them were trading below $ 10 before they started AMC Entertainment (NYSE: AMC), BlackBerry Ltd (NYSE: BB), and Express Inc (NYSE: EXPR) were stocks that were below $ 10 and soared Related Link: AMC, National Beverage, and 8 More Stocks Well Shortly Positioned Here are 10 stocks trading below $ 10 with large short percentages that could be short squeeze candidates: Clovis Oncology Inc (NASDAQ: CLVS) is a biotechnology company Currently 42% of the float is Senseonics Holdings, Inc (NYSE: SENS) is a medical technology company; 34% of the float is traded empty VBI Vaccines Inc (NASDAQ: VBIV) develops vaccines for adults, children and newborns; 20% of the float are short Naked Brand Group Ltd (NASDAQ: NAKD) sells intimate wear, swimwear and apparel, and 33% of the float are short positions Precigen Inc (NASDAQ: PGEN) is a biotechnology company 35% of the float is for short Opko Health, Inc (NASDAQ: OPK) is a pharmaceutical and diagnostics company whose float is 26% Lannett Company, Inc (NYSE: LCI) is a generic drug company 25% of the float is short Dyanvax Technologies Corporation (NASDAQ: DVAX) is a biotechnology company that trades 24% of the float United Microelectronics Corp (NYSE: UMC) is a semiconductor company that makes products for companies such as Advanced Micro Devices, Inc Manufactures (NASDAQ: AMD) and Xilinx Inc (NASDAQ: XLNX) The company sees 21% of its float being short TherapeuticsMD Inc (NASDAQ: TXMD) is a drug targeting company aimed at women and 25% of its float is short (Photo: Omar Eduardo, Flickr) You can find more information about Benzinga here Here you can find option deals from BenzingaRobinhood Extends trading restrictions to 50 stocks including GameStop, General Motors, Starbucks, and multiple SPACs Stock Wars: AMC Entertainment Vs Cinemark © 2021 Benzingacom Benzinga does not offer investment advice All rights reserved

Investors need to be more defensive after the sharp sell-off in the stock markets The GME stock saga is not over yet Tesla rival Nio is about to report sales

(Bloomberg) – One hell of a week for hedge funds will be remembered by how much damage Reddit traders did by hunting down a handful of the most abbreviated names in the $ 43 trillion But why have institutional professionals been forced to reduce their market exposures at the fastest pace since the March pandemic router? One reason is that their risk models dictated it, as a flood of retail money stocks like GameStop Corp. and AMC Entertainment Holdings Inc The trading signals that determine how smart money investing steers are flashing red, known as Value at Risk, this raw but widely used metric showed how vulnerable the long-short crowd was to losses due to historical price movements as a day trader against Wall Street Last week, volatility doubled in 50 Russell 3000 companies. At the same time, hedge fund stocks that were short of the worst rebounded enough to outperform their preferred long positions to an extent seldom seen with institutional clients To worry about, the pros across the board have duly run down their positions – while retail investors who are free from such restrictions charge fees. “If risk models get mixed up, you degas,” said Benn Dunn, who heads these managers as President of Alpha Theory Advisors helps monitor risk “What hedge funds have to hold for a long time get rid of them to lower their exposures – to balance their risk “According to Morgan Stanley’s Prime Brokerage, the decline in hedge fund exposure last Wednesday was historic, according to a rule of thumb for a normal statistical data distribution, with 11 standard deviations from the mean of the data from 2010, this deleveraging was the fastest since the March pandemic outbreak – when it was the biggest step in a decade – Value at Risk, pioneered by JPMorgan Chase & Co In the nineties, attempts are made to find out how much a fund can lose the most in the vast majority of cases: a maximum of $ 50 million per day 95% of the time.While a person can freely bear the risk of a large drawdown, hedge Funds that serve institutional clients such as annuities, generally tied to a game plan that curbs extreme excesses The challenge for smart money last week was that reliable trading patterns collapsed.Let’s say a stock picker is Short GameStop and Long Peloton Interactive Inc Most days when they are both moving in the same direction, one is a hedge for the other, but the former rose while the latter collapsed – a negative and costly co-move “When you’re short and long and the correlation decreases, Your risk actually increases, “said Melissa Brown, global director of applied research at Qontigo, who provides risk analysis tools. On Wednesday, an exchange-traded fund-tracking hedge-fund darling (GVIP) moved seven standard deviations from the mean against a Goldman Sachs Group Inc Basket of Russell 3000 stocks with the highest short interest.Based on 250-day data, this is outside the statistical norm.This is of course based on a normal data distribution that is known not to apply particularly in complex modern markets, but it offers a simplified representation like that Retail crowd has caused unprecedented volatility in institutional cohort There are several interconnected drivers of deleveraging and the dust has not yet settled as the retail team recalculates the names with the most shorts aside from those forced to unwind, as higher volatility increases VaR, customer withdrawals and margin calls may have also exerted pressure, but zooming out, the frenzy of the week could be another sign of a worrying trend in the financial markets: finding the statistically least likely moves h more often instead of what is called thicker tails “I’ve seen all kinds of sales go on,” said Dunn on Friday, “You see things in the market that don’t make sense” For more items like this, please visit us on BloombergcomSubscribe now to stay ahead of the game with the most trusted business news source © 2021 Bloomberg LP

What happened to Gamestop, Reddit, and Robinhood this week has been shocking, unprecedented, and unforeseen lost in the excitement, however, is that the craziness is an integral part of some elephant-in-the-room trends

The real estate market was one of the most dynamic corners of the economy during the pandemic, but a new poll found that more than half of Americans believe it will crash either this year or next What Happened: LendingTree Inc’s poll (NASDAQ: TREE) interviewed 2051 adults who were done between December 17-20 and found that 41% of respondents predict that the housing market bubble will deflate in 2021 and accelerated house prices will fall Another 26% of respondents predicted the same scenario for 2022, while 13 % saw no further collapse in the real estate market in the near future LendingTree’s chief economist Tendayi Kapfidze cast his lot with 13% of naysayers “Although residential real estate warmed in late 2020 and growth is likely to slow in 2021, the notion seems “The mortgage market is healthier than it was before the 2008 crisis, and the government has more experience with real estate protection measures such as forbearance and mortgage changes,” said Kapfidze. “The latest housing data also recognize that the bubble is bursting.” no cracks in the market The S&P CoreLogic Case-Shil This week’s index found sales were stronger than ever before well into the fall “With existing home sales up more than 20% year-over-year, the S&P CoreLogic Case-Shiller Index was up 49% % in November – a new high since February 2014, “said CoreLogic Inc (NYSE: CLGX) Assistant Chief Economist Selma Hepp added that “Buyer competition reached a new national high in October and November as the rate rose to 0 in 1996 – the highest since 2008, when the series began,” Mat Ishbia, president and Pontiac CEO, United Wholesale Mortgage (NYSE: UWMC), headquartered in Michigan, is also confident. “I think the main trend will be a very, very strong year on mortgages and housing across the board,” he said. “Interest is up very low, economy recovers and will recover Housing demand is high, millennials are buying, mortgage brokers are expanding their business channel and consumer education is taking place I think 2021 will be one of the best years in history from a mortgage standpoint ” Why It Matters: Ishbia’s company went public last week and is the first in a growing line of housing companies, ie e respond to the vitality of the housing market by preparing for the IPO path with real estate agent Compass, housing mortgage lender and service provider AmeriHome, and Home Point Capital Inc, the parent company of mortgage lender and service provider Home Point Financial Corp., announced plans to resume IPOs earlier this month.Several mortgage lenders that announced plans to go public in late 2020 – including creditDepot, Caliber Home Loans, and Finance of America – are on hold and have yet to move on to Ishbia’s concern about the real estate market on consumer confidence, but on whether mortgage companies are able to meet ongoing buyer demand “Most of the companies that have had real problems haven’t invested in technology,” he said. “We’re in an interesting industry because nobody wants our product we sell “Nobody wants a mortgage, they want the house, right? Or they want the savings How do you do it faster and easier? “People really need to be all-in on technology,” he continued, because too often companies in our industry spend a lot of time working with that vendor and really investing in technology halfway through. You need to be familiar with the technology, to make the process faster and easier for consumers. If you do, you will get a lot more business. ”And despite the pessimism many Americans shared with LendingTree, 80% of those polled in the new poll said they liked the American Still viewing dream as defined by home ownership 45% predict more affordable options through Biden Administration’s guidelines.But not all are so optimistic: 31% of respondents predicted that the new administration will offer less affordable housing, and 40% said the historically low mortgage rates will lead to Soaring Home Sales Will Go Up This Year More Information From BenzingaClick Here For Benzinga Option DealsWhy The Fate Of Fannie Mae Is Unclear To Freddie MacWhat Biden’s Executive Order Means For Private Prison Holdings © 2021 Benzingacom Benzinga Does Not Offer Investment Advice All Rights Reserved >

The best dividend stocks give income and retirement portfolios a big boost These stocks offer both solid returns and strong performance

Robinhood added additional restrictions on trades on its platform late Friday.Restrictions include the ability to only buy one share of GameStop Corp (NYSE: GME), one of the hottest stocks this week and one that turns out to be a big one Short squeeze has also resulted in: Robinhood Alternatives Robinhood also put restrictions on Thursday that stopped buying certain stocks, the list of stocks now limited to 50 has increased to 50, according to CNBC Here you can see the 50 stocks with restrictions for Robinhood and the current limit on the number of shares and options you can buy American Airlines Group Inc (NASDAQ: AAL): 1 share, 10 options Aurora Cannabis (NYSE: ACB): 1 share, standard limits First Majestic Silver Corp ( NYSE: AG): 1 share, standard limits AMC Entertainment (NYSE: AMC): 1 share, 10 options Advanced Micro Devices Inc (NASDAQ: AMD): 1 share, standard limits BlackBer ry Ltd (NYSE: BB): 1 share, 10 options Bed Bath & Beyond Inc (NASDAQ: BBBY): 1 share, 10 options BYD Co (OTC: BYDDY): 1 share Beyond Meat (NASDAQ: BYND): 1 share, Standard limits Churchill Capital Corp IV (NYSE: CCIV): 1 share, standard limits Clover Health (NASDAQ: CLOV) 1 share, standard limits Curis (NASDAQ: CRIS): 1 share, standard limits Castor Maritime Inc (NASDAQ: CTRM): 5 shares Express Inc. (NYSE: EXPR): 5 shares, 10 options EZGO Technologies (NASDAQ: EZGO): 5 shares General Motors Corporation (NYSE: GM): 1 share, standard limits GameStop Corp: 1 share, 5 options Gran Tierra Energy (NYSE: GTE) : 5 shares, standard limits Hims & Hers Health (NYSE: HIMS): 1 share, standard limits Inovio Pharmaceuticals Inc (NASDAQ: INO): 1 share, standard limits social capital Hedosophia Holdings Corp V (NYSE: IPOE): 1 share, standard limits social capital Hedosophia Holdings Corp VI (NYSE: IPOF): 1 share, standard limits Jaguar Health Inc (NASDAQ: JAGX): 5 shares, standard limits Ko ss Corp (NASDAQ: KOSS): 1 share Lianluo Smart (NASDAQ: LLIT): 5 shares Moderna Inc (NASDAQ: MRNA): 1 share, standard limits Naked Brands Group (NASDAQ: NAKD): 5 shares The9 Ltd (NASDAQ: NCTY) : 1 share Nokia Oyj (NYSE: NOK): 5 shares, 10 options Novavax Inc (NASDAQ: NVAX): 1 share, standard limits Opendoor Technologies Inc (NASDAQ: OPEN): 1 share, standard limits Rocket Companies Inc (NYSE: RKT): 1 share, standard limits RLX Technology (NYSE: RLX): 1 share, standard limits Rolls-Royce Holdings (OTC: RYCEY): 5 shares, standard limits Starbucks Corp (NASDAQ: SBUX): 1 share, standard limits Shoals Technologies Group (NASDAQ: SHLS) : 1 share Siebert Financial Corp (NASDAQ: SIEB): 1 share, standard limits iShares Silver Trust (NYSE: SLV): 1 share, standard limits Sundial Growers Inc (NASDAQ: SNDL): 5 shares, 10 options Direxion Daily Semiconductor Bull 3x shares ( NYSE: SOXL): 1 share, standard limits Sorrento Therapeutics Inc (NASDAQ: SRNE): 1 share, standard limits Star Peak Energy Transition Corp (NYSE: STPK): 1 share, standard limits Tengasco (NYSE: TGC): 5 shares Tian Ruixiang Holdings (NASDAQ: TIRX): 1 share Tootsie Roll Industries (NYSE : TR): 1 share, 10 options Trivago (NASDAQ: TRVG): 55 shares, 10 options Workhorse Group (NASDAQ: WKHS): 1 share, standard limits Qualtrics International (NASDAQ: XM): 1 share, standard limits Zomedica Corp (NYSE: ZOM): 5 Stocks Why It Matters: The list includes many of the high-fliers popular with retailers Today’s list limits multiple blue-chip stocks for the first time, with stocks like General Motors and Starbucks having buy limits, SPACs are also among those restricted by Robinhood Stocks including some completed SPAC merger companies, SPACs with pending deals, and SPACs looking for targets affected by the restrictions Disclosure: Author is Long Shares of CCIV, NAKD, SNDL Related Link: Robinhood-CE O about Trade Breaks: “We Made the Right Decision” Photo courtesy of Robinhood More info from BenzingaClick here for Benzinga option dealsBetter Christmas Present: New Video Game Or GameStop Stock? Citron Research Stop publishing short reports and switch focus to multi-excavators © 2021 Benzingacom Benzinga does not offer investment advice All rights reserved

(Bloomberg) – Steve Cohen, the billionaire investment firm Point72 Asset Management and owner of the New York Mets, said he closed his Twitter account after his family received personal threats this week, “I’ve got the back and forth Really enjoyed having Mets fans on Twitter which was unfortunately overtaken this week by misinformation unrelated to the Mets and leading to our family receiving personal threats, “Cohen said in a statement on Saturday.” So I’m doing now We have other ways to listen to your suggestions and continue to advocate Point72 was one of the hedge funds that lost to Reddit traders who partnered to boost GameStop Corp’s stock, the fund was down 10 so far this month % to 15% back, those familiar with the matter told Bloomberg News earlier this week The loss came when Point72 Melvin Capit He added $ 750 million, which caused short bets on stocks like GameStop to fail, Cohen expanded his fame in the investing world on Twitter after joining the social platform to chat with Mets fans after joining the team For about $ 2 billion in 2020, when his hedge fund bet made him a target of angry Reddit traders, he recently complained in a tweet about the “rough crowd” on Twitter on Thursday, Cohen got into a heated Twitter exchange with Dave Portnoy, the founder of Barstool Sports who blew Point72, hedge fund Citadel and brokerage platform Robinhood for their role in GameStop trading, Cohen tweeted back to Portnoy saying, “Hey Dave, what’s your beef with me? Just trying to make a living like you Happy to Take the Offline “I don’t go offline,” replied PortnoyCohen wasn’t the only Wall Street name to face personal threats in the face of the speculative frenzy of retail investors in GameStop’s Andrew Left of Citron Research also said he was threatened over his brief phone call to the video game retailer Citron announced on Friday that it will no longer post short sales. “I love our team, this community and our fans who are the best in baseball,” Cohen said in the statement der Mets “The bottom line is this week’s events in no way affect our resources and aim to bring a championship team to the field #LGM! For more articles like this, please visit us on BloombergcomSubscribe now to stay ahead of the game with the most trusted business news source © 2021 Bloomberg LP

A Princeton economist studied the effects of five-year wage increases at US. McDonald’s fast food restaurants

Bank of America rang alarm bells over stocks on Friday as it warned of an imminent correction “3Rs of interest rates, regulation and redistribution are the historic catalysts ending the & bubbles of bull markets We say all ’21 means events, not ’22, and all of them mean lower / volatile quarters / years to come, “said Michael Hartnett, chief investment strategist at the bank, on the flow show Note to Customers On the regulation side, Hartnett said, Investors should note that China’s central bank is building liquidity this week

Among Dow Jones stocks, Apple and Microsoft are among the top stocks to buy and watch in January 2021

GM shares have fallen from their highs but have just received big confirmation of their EV and AV progress from Morgan Stanley. Is General Motors stock a buy?

(Bloomberg) – Bitcoin investors must be ready to “lose all their money,” said Gabriel Makhlouf, member of the governing council of the European Central Bank, following a central banker’s recent warning on cryptocurrency, “Personally, I’m not sure why people invest in these types of assets, but they clearly see them as assets, “Makhlouf, who is also the governor of the Irish central bank, told Bloomberg TV on Friday.” Our job is to make sure consumers are protected, “Makhlouf’s comments reflect the ECB leaders’ skepticism countered The cryptocurrency is a “highly speculative commodity,” President Christine Lagarde said this month Bitcoin prices have more than doubled since November and 40 earlier this monthExceeded $ 000 Large movements in value are common, with four daily fluctuations of more than 5% over the past nine days, Bitcoin rebounding above 35 on Friday$ 000, with brokers attributing the move to Elon Musk and the cryptocurrency mentioned on its bios page on Twitter jumping over 35$ 000 when Musk added it to his Twitter profile Makhlouf currently sees no financial stability issues stemming from Bitcoin itself. “I am more concerned about consumers making the right choices,” he said. For more articles like this, please visit us on BloombergcomSubscribe now to get in touch with the most trusted Business news source to stay ahead of the game © 2021 Bloomberg LP

Chinese electric vehicle stocks have seen some slowdown in momentum in recent sessions, with an upcoming catalyst that could lift inventories out of this lackluster stage: January delivery numbers due next week finding the sweet spot in China’s EV market : China is a hot EV market, both in terms of addressable opportunities and supply. “China is a green field opportunity for electric vehicles for many well-positioned automakers, as we believe that total EV sales will be in the Region may potentially double in the next few years as demand for electric vehicles from customers in all price ranges is pent up, “Wedbush analyst Daniel Ives said in a note. Goldman Sachs analyst Fei Feng estimates that electric vehicles will expand , including battery electric and plug-in hybrids, from 5% in 2020 to 20% in 2025, 53% in 2035 and 80% in 2050 Xu Haidong, the deputy chief engineer of the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, said at a summit late last year that China’s EV- Sales could reach 1.8 million units in 2021 – up 40% year over year – thanks to stable economic growth, continued stimulus for vehicle consumption, and promotional efforts by manufacturers on the supply side, however, there are plenty of domestic startups, international EV-only company Tesla Inc (NASDAQ: TSLA) and traditional automakers vying for a piece of cake.Highest players in China include Nio Inc – ADR (NYSE: NIO), Xpeng Inc – ADR (NYSE: XPEV) and Li Auto Inc (NASDAQ: LI) and WM Motors, backed by Baidu Inc (NASDAQ: BIDU) and technology conglomerate Tencent Holdings ADR (OTC: TCEHY) Deutsche Bank Securities analyst Edison Yu said the companies are collectively the “Fab Four” of the Chinese EV market Nio On Record Streak: Nio, which has a premium positioning in the Chinese EV market, has reported record shipments recently after the COVID-19 pandemic hit sales in the first two months of 2020 had an impact, the company was able to hold its own credibly through a series of innovative measures and technological improvements.The company ended 2020 on a high, delivering a record 43728 vehicles for the year Since August 2020, monthly record numbers are achieved.In December, Nio delivered a record of 7007 vehicles, including 2009 ES8, 2493 ES6 and 2505 of the company’s newly launched EC6 deliveries will start on January 1st, 2020598 Not So Robust Given Nio’s announcement to make up for the reduction in government subsidies for vehicles purchased through January 10 and a time-limited zero down payment option, the pace of sales is likely to have accelerated further The Battery-as-a- Nio’s Service Program Already Has Positive Impact on Revenue Related Link: Nio Analyst Sees Significant Tailwind For EV Brand’s Sales Volume Xpeng is making the right noises: Xpeng, which listed its ADSs on the NYSE in late August, is also part of the party Joined “XPeng is well positioned to gain market share in the mid-market and lower premium market and offers a technology-driven” intelligent “experience by pushing the boundaries of its ADAS and Cockpit UI capabilities, especially voice recognition “so the Deutsche Bank said Yu in a note Xpeng, which the G3, an EV-SUV, and selling the P7, an all-electric sedan, is expected to launch a new sedan with lidar technology earlier this year, the company launched a major wireless upgrade for its P7 sedan customers in China and shipped a new version of the XPeng Operating system Xmart OS 250 In December, Xpeng delivered a record 5700 vehicles, an increase of 326% over the previous year and an increase of 35% over the previous month. For the year the company delivered a total of 27041 vehicles, an increase of 112% over the previous year. Robust performance from Li Auto: Li Auto achieved 6126 Li ONEs in December and 14464 units for 2020 also an outstanding performance in December Monthly performance increased 319% m / m and 5296% yoy Chinese EV share performance: Nio shares hit record highs of $ 6699 Jan 11, in response to the Nio Day event on January 9, the stock has since retired, while Xpeng peaked at $ 74 on Dec. 24 Before Pulling Back After moving roughly sideways after that, the stock made a comeback in recent sessions.Li Auto is experiencing a lean patch after hitting an all-time high of $ 4770, also on Dec. 24 Next week’s delivery numbers and upcoming fourth quarter results could be key to determining which direction stocks are headed Photo courtesy of Nio For more information on Benzinga, click here for Benzinga Breaking Down Novavax coronavirus vaccine dates : 2 Analyst TakesJohnson & Johnson’s COVID-19 Vaccine Data: What You Need To Know © 2021 Benzingacom Benzinga Does Not Offer Investment Advice All Rights Reserved

Commodities Begin To Revive After 10 Year Bear Market The rebound in commodity prices, according to Goldman Sachs analysts, “will actually mark the beginning of a much longer structural bull,” the one of the 1970s than gold 25-fold, and by the mid-to-late 2000s, when oil peaked, could compete at over $ 140 a barrel, with the global economy likely to revive in the second half of 2021 as pandemic restrictions ease / p>

Short seller Andrew Left, whose company Citron was one of the hedge funds that started this week’s petty traders battle for GameStop Corp, said in a YouTube video on Friday that his company would no longer post short sales, the latest twist in a Saga, which sent shockwaves through Wall Street as amateur investors pile into sharply shortened stocks like GameStop and AMC Entertainment Holdings Inc, is a big change in course for one of the world’s most famous short sellers, the author of dozens of research reports on S&P 500 im Left last decade, is said to pioneer the tactic of betting against a stock by publishing research that encourages others to follow his example and profit from it

Billionaire Steve Cohen, who was seen as an enemy in the GameStop stock drama by small investors this week, deleted his Twitter account because of threats against him and his family, a spokeswoman said on Saturday. “I’m taking a break for the time being,” said a spokeswoman Cohen on Twitter late Friday, quoting “personal threats” “Small investors connected via social media mobilized to take over institutional short sellers of GameStop and other stocks, triggering a brief press that sent those stock prices skyrocketing >


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