LAS VEGAS – For the first time before their boxing match, Ben Askren was in the presence of Jake Paul It started backstage at the Venetian where Paul, accompanied by his group, talked to Askren about trash while he was alone sitting at a table All Askren did at that moment was stare back and hold back the laughter

Soon afterwards, on 17 April the press conference for the pay-per-view headliner of the Triller Fight Club instead of Askren and Paul sat across from each other on the stage, only the boxing analyst Al Bernstein was in between

If you thought Askren didn’t understand the pull of the YouTube star beforehand, 25 minutes of verbal sparring did Paul a disservice

“The way I think of his jokes, he always picks the lowest hanging fruit,” Askren said afterwards to MMA Junkie -Thing Do you think I haven’t seen the Masvidal thing a million times? “

The “Masvidal thingy” was the moment during the press conference when Paul called Jorge Masvidal on FaceTime. Paul recently turned to the UFC welterweight to practice what Paul saw as the art of playing since Masvidal Askren in July 2019 UFC record of five seconds with a flying knee out of the way

After Masvidal’s brief appearance, Paul then pulled up the flying knee clip and played it on a loop that Askren described as a lame attempt to get inside his head

“Hundreds of replies to every tweet I make have this GIF – or is it a meme? Whatever it is, “Askren said,” I don’t know if he thought that would annoy me. That was bad ”

And that sums up what Askren thought of Paul’s appearance on stage.When it was all over, they had a faceoff that got physical, with Askren facepalming Paul reciprocating and pushing himself on the ribs with a tap of a finger as Askrens The back was turned

“You could tell he was trying to convince himself to be really tough,” Askren said of the actual faceoff. “He kind of got back to me, just pushed him away when I left. He didn’t like that really ”

Askren, 36, has been open about the fact that he was retiring to box Paul because he was getting the biggest payday of his career and he saw it as easy work – he even threatened Paul with “murder” if that would be the case in an alley hit

These two factors made choosing Askren, who had hip surgery last year, a breeze

Askren has always done the trash talking aspect of the fighting game well and is able to deal it out with the best, however, dealing with a 24-year-old YouTube star got him thinking

“A little bit of me says, ‘OK, it’s time to grow up Ben,” Askren said. “Of course, my other thing is podcasting and I train wrestling for kids So there’s a bit (this) that feels really immature and childish especially about him I don’t know, (fighting Paul) just seemed too funny to me to pass up That’s why I said yes, of course I’ll be well compensated, that’s nice too

“But yeah, this stuff probably belongs to the past or is close to the past for me”

Askren, a former Olympic gold medalist and two-time NCAA Division I national wrestler, was never known for his success during his MMA career where he won titles at Bellator and ONE Championship, which makes him a perfect opponent for Paul, who is firmly convinced that he takes his newly discovered boxing career seriously

Paul has touted Askren as “a real fighter” in light of his MMA achievements while also acknowledging that Askren’s boxing ability leaves something to be desired. With that in mind, Paul – who has only fought three other celebrities – believes a victory over Askren legitimize him and hopefully get more MMA fighters – like Conor McGregor, Nate Diaz, and Dillon Danis – to fight him in the future

Askren, who recently went for a week of training with famous boxing trainer Freddie Roach, admits that his preparation for the Paul fight “was a whole new ball game Boxing tale, this sound can kill you

“I just don’t really see it,” Askren said. “Lots of people try to push, especially Jake tries to push this narrative I think maybe it’s because he wants the Conor (McGregor) fight or something always it is … he sells to the public like he’s been there for a while I don’t know. I’m done with that ”

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