Arsenal have somehow walked a tightrope with their season on the line.A loss to Benfica would have been disastrous and would have relegated them to purgatory until May to battle for scrap in the Premier League midfield now they keep a purpose and it was a redeeming night, especially for the player who kept getting her out of trouble

A year ago, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang had terribly missed the Olympiakos death, confirming a round of 32 outcomes that felt completely self-inflicted in the first leg of that tie he had missed three presentable chances and it was hard to shake the feeling that Arsenal would pay the price again, especially when two mistakes by Dani Ceballos gave Benfica an iron grip on the procedure in the last half hour.But they pulled back into the competition, and when Aubameyang and his company won the Champions League Secure football through this competition, the winner of the 87th The captain’s minute can be seen as the moment they went from bankruptcy to boom

Arsenal had to score twice at 2-1 that night if Benfica didn’t want to end their raid Kieran Tierney quickly offered them a ray of light, but it wouldn’t have been enough because although the game was played in Piraeus, away goals would have their usual High tribute demanded Your two best players took the initiative and, just when the Portuguese team was looking relatively relaxed, laid the decisive wound

Aubameyang had already been beautifully prepared by Bukayo Saka for an opener that was to become a bittersweet memory throughout the night.But now Saka shifted the ball from his right seat to his left foot and, as so often, found a flawless final ball It was swum to an area beyond the back post that Aubameyang could barely miss.Its header was clinical and was deemed legal after an unnecessary VAR review, with the disaster averted and the ghosts killed

“That was the first thing that came to my mind when he scored,” said Mikel Arteta of the weight Aubameyang was carrying from those previous aberrations. “That’s the beauty of football: if you keep going, you can getting it right It’s great to see how he reacted. He was upset and trying to get better, not just sad for himself ”

What an odd season it has been for Arsenal’s top scorer who can never be said to have found a vein of sustainable form but who has implemented seven times in seven games, his first of which came after a strong start from the nominal Hosts and owed a lot to Saka’s brilliance, the 19-year-old has tons of strings on his bow and this time channeling his best David Silva impression, slicing open the infield before reading Aubameyang’s run and twisting a sharp 90-degree pass in his way it was not his easiest opening in the last few weeks, but he stayed cool, glancing at goalkeeper Helton and throwing an intentional, drifting finish into the far corner

“He’s really tired, he had many minutes to spare, but I asked him to go again and the boy did it,” Arteta said in response to Saka’s recent turning point, which reflected the level he was has shown all winter

Arsenal looked comfortable, but then Ceballos fouled Julian Weigl unnecessarily and Diogo Gonçalves had a chance to send Benfica into the level, albeit a difficult one. He rolled an inch-perfect free kick over and past Bernd Leno; it was all square, and even at the time Arteta’s side would be in agony from here

They were horrified shortly after the lesson when Helton picked up Martin Ødegaard’s corner, put the ball into play at high speed and Ceballos misjudged an attempted header back to Leno Rafa Silva had played on something that had gone wrong, and plunged into an empty network

“I’m particularly happy about Dani because he does this job as if it were the most important thing in his life,” said Arteta as he reflected on the Houdini act that saved the midfielder “From a difficult situation do you create a really nice moment ”

Tierney set the stage when, after substitute Willian did a good job, he worked an angle and shot his shot over Helton. Then finally came Aubameyang’s potentially transformative moment “Last year was very hard to swallow,” said Arteta. “It’s very important To have some nice moments to celebrate together Now Arsenal has a few more magic to do

Arsenal – Benfica

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