Microsoft gets into an argument between Google and the Australian government by claiming it would never threaten to leave the country like Google did last week

Google is against a new law that would cause tech giants to negotiate payments with local publishers and broadcasters for content included in search results or news feeds, CNBC reported, as a result of which the company threatens to block its search engine in Australia

“While other technology companies sometimes threaten to leave Australia, Microsoft will never pose such a threat,” said Microsoft President Brad Smith in a blog post on Wednesday. “We appreciate what Australia has long been considered to be for Microsoft’s growth Enterprise means, and we are committed to supporting the country’s national security and economic success ”

Microsoft’s Bing could certainly use a little help to gain a foothold in Australia. Google currently dominates the country’s search engine market with 94 5% of Bing’s 36%, according to StatCounter

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison said he spoke to Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella who, according to Reuters, is ready to expand Bing in Australia when Google hits its search engine

“We’ll keep investing to make sure Bing compares to our competitors, and we’re reminding people that they can help Each search makes Bing better at finding what you’re looking for, “wrote Smith

Australia’s so-called “News Media Negotiation Code” is specifically aimed at Google and Facebook, both of which generate a large part of their revenue from digital advertising that is run alongside news. According to CNBC, Google has the code as “unreasonable” and “impractical “denotes

Smith said Microsoft is committed to Australia and news publishers, who are “vital to the country’s democracy,” and that the Code “sensibly seeks to address the bargaining power imbalance between digital platforms and Australian news companies” while he recognizes “the finding of vital roles” plays not only for consumers but also for thousands of Australian small businesses who rely on search and advertising technology to fund and support their organizations ”

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World News – FI – As Google battles Australia, Microsoft is promoting Bing and saying it doesn’t threaten to leave the country