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Reporting on the impact of the coronavirus on the sports world

Liverpool were in fourth place within two points of Chelsea with an exceptional 3-0 win over Arsenal at the Emirates Stadium

Liverpool dominated the first half with one of their most complete performances in 2021 but failed to benefit from their superb performance when James Milner curled up in front of an almost open goal and Mohamed Salah caught the ball under his feet after beating Gabriel had

As Liverpool’s pressure increased, it was only a matter of time before the levee broke Trent Alexander-Arnold’s brilliant cross landed on Diogo Jota to defeat Arsenal in the 64th Minute to Break Four minutes later, it was game over Mohamed Salah held Gabriel back and rolled the ball past Bernd Leno

Jota shone late in an all-out win when Liverpool took a sizeable step towards the top four after losing Chelsea at West Bromwich Albion League of the season licking the wounds

Bernd Leno There was little Leno could do about Liverpool’s goals except for the second that rolled through his legs, and it should be noted that he had few other dangerous shots and in the 73rd Saved minute well from SalahRating: 5

Calum Chambers His positioning could be questioned several times during the first half when he seemed unsure whether to follow Sadio Mane’s infield or protect his lane.Chambers’ work on the low block could not be objected to, and as that Game began in his fight against Mane, he seemed to be movingRating: 5

Rob HoldingHe was guilty of getting too close to Mane early on in what was Liverpool’s No10 to spin him and push on goal nonetheless, there were impressive moments when he was defending his own area when he hit his head or Boot placed on a dangerous cross that came in his way. His performance certainly impressed Jürgen Klopp, who uttered a frustrated scream of “someone is stepping in front of him” as Holding made another near-post clearance that might have made him feel like he was Could have done more to clear Alexander-Arnold’s flank for the prelude, but it was delivered perfectlyRating: 5

Gabriel There were difficult moments, as is inevitable when defending against top class strikers, but there were at least many moments when Gabriel felt like he had beaten his opponents and wasn’t afraid to dive into Salah and often came with the ball at his feet, an awkward pass leading to Liverpool’s third should be a lesson to himRating: 6

61 ’: Diogo Jota under 64’: Diogo Jota ⚽️68 ’: Mo Salah ⚽️Liverpool turned it on in the second half 🔥 BildTwittercom / mKVsFxLmNZ

Kieran TierneyA solid performance that ended prematurely due to an injury Most of the time, Tierney got out of the duels he was involved in successfully, even if it was a busy night after a high number of minutes during the international breakRating: 5

Thomas Partey The contrast to his colleague in the engine room could hardly have been more pronounced. Partey was a one-man midfield: He won the ball in dangerous areas, hit his man and played the right pass Once he almost fell behind Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang Rating: 7

Dani Ceballos, this was a terrible feat by the Spaniard who somehow needed more time on the ball to make the wrong choice He could have been the man who let Arsenal loose on the counter, instead he kept giving the ball back to Liverpool After his third game in an Arsenal jersey at Anfield Ceballos, he admitted it was almost impossible to deal with a team of Liverpool intensity More than 18 months later, there are no signs that have changedRating: 3

Nicolas Pepe, all too well known in his career at Arsenal so far, shows real talent over the course of 90 minutes, but too few like the other strikers has been able to think about doing more defensive work, while Pepe point it out too could that most of his team’s best moments in the first half were carrying the ball forward, but he was often late in the press and out of position when there was a chance to attackRating: 5

Martin Odegaard Explosive and energetic early on in the press, but as Arsenal couldn’t get the ball through the center of the field quickly for the most part, his impact on the competition was rather smallRating: 6

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang It should be noted that his difficulties were partly due to the role he had taken on from Arteta He demanded he chase the canal to defend himself against Alexander-Arnold as Liverpool center-backs were often pushed into their own half, couldn’t Gabriel Martinelli or Willian have done that? If he’s in that role, he should also know that he shouldn’t give Alexander-Arnold the time and space to ping a first delivery on Jota’s headRating: 4

Alexandre LacazetteOne couldn’t fault his efforts, nor his willingness to take a blow, other than a bleeding left eye, which was witnessed early on, nor did he manage to get a single shot on goal, nor did he ever look like as if he were causing difficulties for Liverpool’s provisional central defenseRating: 5

Cedric Soares (Sub, Tierney, 44 ‘) seemed more ready to race on the field than many of his teammates and registered their only shot of the second half, he also defended well enough on a solid night in an uncomfortable position rating : 5

Mohamed Elneny (Sub, Ceballos, 58 ‘) Though not as poor as the man he was replacing, Elneny just looked a level below those he was hired against and failed to advance Arsenal on the field review : 5

Gabriel Martinelli (Sub, Aubameyang, 77 ‘) The young Brazilian brought energy and aggression to a doomed causeRating: 6

Manager – Mikel Arteta There are questions about how the Arsenal boss set up his squad for this game, Aubameyang and Lacazette left them with little creativity or link play, and the former on the left, who was chasing his man, threatened Liverpool high line hardly In this form the champions won, but the Gunners lined up, but Arteta’s approach made a difficult task more difficultRating: 3

Alisson wasn’t given too much responsibility on the net. Faced three shots with two at the target, kept the clean shine. Rating: 7

Trent Alexander-ArnoldStrong opened for half an hour and put Liverpool on the front foot, provided support for Jota’s goal and remained active in the attack Scoring: 8Nathaniel Phillips Struggled, to connect in the early minutes or to combine from the back, played but eventually got into the game with little pressure from Arsenal Rating: 6

Ozan KabakStruggled on the ball in the first half before finally settling for a slight improvement in cover from his back Minute eliminatedRating: 6

Andrew Robertson Active on the wing for Liverpool and, if necessary, defensively presenting, after an hour after leaving international service, deposed after an hour. Rating: 6Thiago Alcântara did well in the first half to close the room and get on the ball to defend against Arsenal attacks and generate an attack from the base of midfieldRating: 7

FabinhoStrong in midfield but was challenged very little when he dabbled the ball in the attack for LiverpoolRating: 7

James MilnerStrong on the ball in the first minutes of Liverpool attack but nothing to show in the first half Moved to the left in the second half after Robertson cut offRating: 7

Mohamed Salah: Was active in the first half in the last third and scored the second goal for Liverpool. Rating: 7

Roberto FirminoGood movement on and off the ball in the first half, but had a questionable shot selection in front of goal Minute submergedRating: 6

Sadio ManéActive scored unlikely support for Jota’s second goal in the first half despite missing goals.Rating: 7

Diogo Jota (Sub, Robertson, 61 ‘) changed in the 61 Scored after just three minutes on the field and added in the 82nd minute to Robertson and switched the game for Liverpool Minute add another rating: 8

Georginio Wijnaldum (Sub, Firmino, 78 ‘) was substituted on for Firminoto in midfield and ended the game Rating: N / A

Manager – Jürgen KloppOffense didn’t click early and changed a submarine in Jota Now the club is again looking for a place in the top fourRating: 7

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Arsenal – Liverpool, Premier League

World news – FI – Arsenal vs. Liverpool Player Ratings: Artetas Gunners lack a coherent plan as Jota shines as a Klopp super submarine