For many of the UIL and TAPPS teams who were crowned champions last week, it was something special to win everything after last year, especially given the numerous obstacles that COVID-19 with brings

For Antonian this also meant losing in last year’s championship game against John Paul II A loss that occurred when the sports world shut down in response to COVID-19

«” We all worked so hard and as a team we knew it was our last season together and we wanted to end it right “

Antonian did just that and dominated opponent Bishop Lynch 73-57. After a slow start in the first half, Swingman Bryon Armstrong emphasized his game plan as the key to victory “Our game plan was # 2 (Imo Essien) from the standings and do what we do, what is running “

For Gavino Ramos, Senior Point Guard, it was a chance to make Antonian champion “My mindset was to leave everything on the floor. This was the last game I would play in an Antonian uniform, and I wanted to make sure I did everything I could to make sure we came out with a state championship “

This win surprised no one in the Apache locker room. With an impressive 31-1 record, the lone loss to 6A State runner-up Westlake, it’s easy to see why Armstrong and Ramos led this to the team’s special bond on and off the pitch, as well as each player’s ability to move up on a given evening

When we see Antonian next year, said Martinez, a junior, “people are going to see the same Antonian-style basketball they always do, we’re going to put pressure, share the ball and score a lot”Hopefully we can have a great season and another national championship!”

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