Michelle Pfeiffer plays Frances Price, a New York celebrity who loses all her money and has to flee [] to France in’ French Exit ‘

Michelle Pfeiffer plays a glamorous and somewhat authoritative New York City celebrity who discovers she’s bankrupt and decides to flee to Paris with her co-dependent adult son in the quirky comedy French Exit The Acclaimed Actress – with three Academy Award nominations and numerous other awards she has garnered over the course of her long career – represents her eighth Golden Globes award for her performance in the Azazel Jacobs-directed film in which she works – stars with Lucas Hedges, Valerie Mahaffey and Imogen Poots / p>

Pfeiffer plays Frances Price, an eccentric Manhattan widowed personality who pulls her estranged teenage son Malcolm (Hedges) out of boarding school to bring him home to her lofty, privileged world of New York society years later than you Financial advisor tells her she’s broke, Frances sells the contents of her lavish apartment and gets on a cruise ship with her submissive son. She also smuggles Small Frank, a pet cat named after her husband who died suddenly 12 years earlier, and leaves Frances under suspicion for not immediately reporting his death

On board the ship, Malcolm, who has left a friend in New York without his mother knowing it, meets a clairvoyant and has a quick romance on board Later, in a friend’s unoccupied apartment in Paris, mother and son try to to adapt to their new life Gradually, various strange characters, including the ship’s clairvoyant, a private detective and a lonely expatriate acquaintance, become part of Francesâ ???? and Malcolm’s New Circle. They are linked when Small Frank is missing

Susan (Poots) and her new boyfriend eventually join the colorful group, although Susan still has feelings for Malcolm. They hang out in the cramped Paris apartment while the search for the cat continues, Tracy Letts provides the voice of Francesâ ???? Dead husband Franklin, who is led by Small Frank in some séces, is led by Madeleine, the medium (Danielle Macdonald) Meanwhile, Frances has a maudlin attitude, convinced that the sooner she can get rid of the rest of her money, the sooner she can make her own final exit and give Malcolm the opportunity to get on with his own life

French Exit was written by Canadian screenwriter and writer Patrick deWitt based on his novel, which was shortlisted for the 2018 Giller Prize. Although the dramedy was written and produced before the global pandemic, it is timely as it was So many people find themselves in financial distress, but it’s also a timeless story of the resilience some find during a crisis

Sony Pictures Classicsâ ???? French Exit opens in New York and Los Angeles on February 12 and will open on Jan. Introduced nationwide in April

Talking about Zoom, Pfeiffer talked about taking on her latest strong female lead role.She will also portray Betty Ford on Showtime’s announced First Ladies series

Angela Dawson: Can you talk about French Exit and its relevance today for people who are feeling financially destabilized?

Michelle Pfeiffer: Aza (Azazel Jacobs) and Patrick (deWitt) really feel what they love about this piece is that it has a timeless quality to it.It really could be any year.This year just happens to be one where people do dealing with the pandemic and feeling of isolation and suddenly finding their life turned upside down People are looking for survival skills that they have or didn’t know so I think there are underlying issues

Dawson: When Frances goes out of France, she takes a cruise ship that is more expensive than flying, even though she’s almost broke. Is that just one of her quirks or is she incredulous that she is no longer part of the elite class?

Pfeiffer: She deliberately lives beyond her means It’s her rebellious spirit.Although it sounds crazy to us (as an audience) – it’s certainly not how I would act if I found out I was insolvent -, but it is s their rebellion and stance of not taking prisoners it’s hard for us to understand the logic of their work and I think the audience is getting away from the film with their own interpretation it’s not something I really wanted to define for people because in my logical opinion it doesn’t make sense what she’s doing.But she’s in a different mood too

Dawson: Frances expected that she would be dead before she ran out of money.She seems to be looking to get rid of what was left of her last money, even if it means giving it to strangers in handfuls. that she is motivated to break free of the money to save her son so that he has to take care of himself

Pfeiffer: That’s exactly what I was thinking. In a way, Frances was brought into this world (of wealth) and money was her ability to handle it Money and all the accessories that went with it added as much to it as she did Defined herself without that, she’s just lost I don’t think she sees any way out and of all those characters in this movie she is definitely the least resilient.She doesn’t have the survival skills of any of the other wonderful oddball characters in the movie >

In some ways, the most loving and generous thing she has ever done for Malcolm (her son) (getting rid of her money) She realizes that there is really an opportunity for him to live a real life. He’s more likely to do so without wealth and without her

Dawson: You play Frances as a redhead. Was that a conscious decision and does it mean something?

Pfeiffer: Frances always stood out, Lucas (who plays Malcolm) is also a redhead, so I thought it made sense that she was also a redhead. When women get older and go gray, they dye their hair. I already have a whole hair Not colored for a while; I’m going to be brunette

Dawson: Thanks to your legendary portrayal of Catwoman, you are no stranger to cats. Did you only have one cat on set or different cats to portray Small Frank in French Exit?

Pfeiffer: That was one of my biggest problems with this movie when I first read it. I thought, “What are you going to do with this cat?” It was my first question – or maybe my second – for Aza.My first was about sound.It’s a common belief that cats are not trainable and yet they still are.The first day of shooting was kind of a bust, but we didn’t have any issues after that with the cat It was one of the easiest animals I have ever worked with

Pfeiffer: No, even without me But I really love cats We had this amazing Cat Wrangler and our cat was cute and docile I haven’t been home for a long time and missed my own cat So it was nice to hang out

Dawson: It was announced that you will be portraying former First Lady Betty Ford in the First Ladies series on Showtime. Have you already explored that role?

Pfeiffer: I’m just starting to get into it. First ladies as a whole are not getting enough recognition for what they do behind the scenes. They have advanced women’s rights and those of women Problems and social problems more than President I think (Betty Ford) is incredible. I am very honored and happy to portray her

Dawson: You have received a lot of recognition for your performance in French Exit. Are you looking forward to the awards season?

I am an officially trained reporter who covered hard news for various print and television news for years before discovering Hollywood almost two decades ago, my

I am an officially trained reporter who covered hard news for various print and television news for years before discovering Hollywood almost two decades ago. My decision to change my career path and venture into the entertainment industry was an easy one for me The performing arts have always been my passion, and with the opportunity to combine my reporting and writing skills with my love of movies, television, and music, I’ve been paid to do what I love over the years, with entertainment first News Wire, and then with my startup Frontrowfeaturescom, I was fortunate enough to interview and report on hundreds of people I have long admired as an artist, as well as newcomers with exceptional talent. To paraphrase Dean Martin, “How lucky can you be Have girls? ”

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