Alien: Isolation is one of the greatest games besides movies ever made, and scored a whopping 93% on PC Gamer launch making it a whopping 15% better than Cyberpunk 2077 (internet: that’s a joke) Isolation is a haunting and deeply loyal horror simulator that casts the player as Ripley’s daughter Amanda, who is tasked with exploring a huge space station called Sevastopol, where the human crew appears to be MIA and that is how evil comes >

It’s an incredible game, and it’s available to pick up for free from the Epic Store for the next 24 hours December at 11 a.m. EST / 4 p.m. BST off

Do you need more persuasion? Here’s PCG-based alien liker Andy Kelly on how the game came about, why the lo-fi tech is perfect, the best mods, and perhaps most importantly what isolation gets right, that Covenant got it wrong, and Alien is one of the big ones Traits and, like many of them, has suffered outrage over bad sequels and spin-offs Isolation is one of the few that stands tall alongside alien and aliens: don’t miss it

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Alien: Isolation

World News – FI – Alien: Isolation is free for 24 hours on the Epic Store