One of the scariest games ever that supports a full VR mod that even includes motion controller support is completely free today only on PC via the Epic Games Store. It’s open until 8 a.m. PT on 22nd12th20 time to get it before it moves on to tomorrow’s free game

One thing to keep in mind: we don’t know exactly if this mod will work with the Epic Games Store version, but we absolutely should. Here are details on how to get the mod to work, but make sure you stand up refer to the official github listing for the latest information

Alien: Isolation goes perfectly with VR While it’s a bummer, we don’t have official support built in, the mod works great at least. You see, the game has been shown with its VR support in the past so modders could essentially “fully activate” in a sense,

In Alien: Isolation, 15 years after the events of the first film, you take on the role of Amanda, Ellen Ripley’s daughter as you navigate the ship and do your best to survive by hiding from xenomorphs and uncovering the secrets of what happened uncover It’s a true survival horror game full of tense moments

Originally released in 2014, it shows its age visually, but it’s still an excellent survival horror game, whether you’re a huge fan of the movie universe or not, there’s really no reason for you not now Sign up to the Epic Games Store and redeem your copy for free It’s a great game!

Let us know what you think if you give VR support a twist in the comments below!

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Alien: Isolation

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