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The AFL has released its Toyota AFL Premiership 2021 season launch campaign “This Is Us,” which celebrates the game’s unique ability to bring people together, developed by AFL Media, Clemenger BBDO Melbourne and MOFA, “This Is Us “unlocks the heroic moment every young fan dreams of to score the winning goal after the siren

The campaign includes fans of local soccer clubs, kick-off and AFL club members recreating their own magical moments, showcasing a variety of foot families in Australian backyards, local soccer ovals and beaches

The fan material has been interspersed with historic “After the Sirene” foot moments, including Malcolm Blight’s Torpedo, “It’s a Big Kick, It’s a Mammoth Kick” for Ashley Mcgrath’s “Miracle on Grass” and the most recent spectacular border finish by Jack Newnes to seal the win for Carlton last year The classic commentary and footage are set on INXS ‘six-time platinum track “Kick”

“The brand campaign continues our celebration of the connection between our fans and our game through the overarching platform” This is Us “No matter who you are or where you are from, footy brings us together like no other. The campaign focuses on how the game from the community to the elite codes is embedded in our culture, on the pure passion of our fan base and on the opportunity to welcome new fans, ”said Julian, Head of Marketing and Content at AFL Media Dunne

“Our fans and members are as passionate as anyone else in the world and have demonstrated this with their incredible loyalty over the past 12 months. This campaign focuses on some of our most spectacular moments and shows the joy our game put through brings those moments that become lifelong memories, ”said Dunne

The campaign is supported by TV, out-of-home, print, radio, digital and social media that integrate fan and player images

Prince William says the royal family is “not racist” even though they choose to avoid the war dodging and the snail eating the French

ACCC Investigates Salesforce’s Acquisition of Slack I’m not investigating the Travelodge’s missing trouser press

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NOVA Entertainment starts on Monday the 15th March, an original podcast that explores the little things you can do to make a big difference in your finances. Small Change is a bi-weekly show of easy-to-use Monday day tips and advice Keeping them in check for the weekend on Friday […]

Bridge Road Brewers are encouraging townspeople to travel to the Victoria Highlands this March to enjoy some of the freshest beers and bands in a campaign for the High Country Hop Festival through creative agency By All Means The High Country […]

features a lineup of some of Australia’s most progressive brewers and musicians

Mother Shanghai launches her first campaign for OnePlus since her appointment by smartphone giant, the film introduces a partnership between OnePlus and Hasselblad and marks the beginning of a new shared legacy ahead of the launch of their latest flagship phone. Shot by filmmaker Michael Gracey with the production companies Unlisted and FINCH Hasselblad has a […]

Mark this story as either one for art lovers or for lovers of the theory that a fool and his money will soon be separated

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Petbarn, Australia’s leading integrated pet care retailer, has been named Inside Retail’s Omni-Channel Retailer of the Year for 2021

In a challenging year with the unforeseen effects of COVID-19, Petbarn’s parent company Greencross has quickly achieved a truly immersive customer experience across its extensive animal health and wellness network, including Greencross Vets and Petbarn’s retail pet care range

The media store has strengthened both its strategic capabilities and its & Mozzie capabilities with the new bug zapper

There Are Tips For Unlocking Insights From Offline Data Sure, not as good as finding a fiver on the back of the couch

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There is nothing more comforting for & than a trip to a botanical garden unless they are using these powerful fertilizers

A COVID bike boom is currently going on.We hope that the vaccine doesn’t give us all elephantiasis of the genitals

There may be a message in this Daniel Ricciardo-Wein collaboration that drives drinking, even cirrhosis of the liver

If there is one sport that offers copywriters a treasure trove of comedy options, it is without a doubt the NRL

SBS and National Indigenous Television (NITV) have announced the appointment of two editors. Bernadine Lim joins SBS as documentary editor, Marissa McDowell joins NITV as editor. As a member of SBS’s Unscripted team, Lim will join all of SBS in Working on commissioned documentaries, advocating different stories and exploring issues that affect the present […]

That sounds like a win for local TV viewers unless it includes Holey Moley or anything involving Rove

Drones are not only great for spying on exes & raiding eagle nests, they will also soon make cameramen unemployed

It seems Facebook is back in the good books, but you need to hurry, amid reports that it is going back to the bad

Nothing creates language that would make a wharfie blush like watching your team get whipped on Kayo

We’re only going to have one NRL game this season, but the dopes in B&T’s Footy Tipping Comp have already shown up

Shalyce McLean Named National Investment Director of AKQA Confirmed Employee Birthday Cakes Are Not Part of Their KPIs

WPP announced a loss of $ 5 billion through December. No snappy reply from Sir Martin, but one is expected soon

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Sonny Bill Williams wants to improve his expertise on Nine This is athletic expertise, not picking up women in nightclubs

Integral Ad Science (IAS) announced that Xandr’s purchasing platform, Xandr Invest, now offers IAS contextual targeting and contextual avoidance capabilities for all programmatic purchases. Advertisers using the Invest DSP are available and can worldwide Access the curated list of 300 contextual segments of the IAS to access appropriate content and pre-optimize your programmatic campaigns “Programmatic […]

The independent creative agency The Core Agency won the Doctors on Demand business after a competitive creative and media talk

The NSW Environmental Protection Agency had launched Rage Against the Polystyrene, a new band aimed at changing waste behavior.This departure from more traditional government communications was driven by Paper Moose, who formed the band Rage Against the Polystyrene on Am 5 March they released their first single “Creature Warfare” The song “Creature Warfare” is part […]

To celebrate 10 years of programmatic innovation, GroupM’s Xaxis has outlined ten digital trends that advertisers need to plan for this year. In 2011, when Xaxis was launched, programmatic advertising was only 10 percent of the digital display ad budget According to the company, only 500 million people were online. Ten years later, more […]

Australia will soon be home to its first craft beer hotel, launched by BrewDog Australia The initiative is part of the company’s two-year design for the Antipodes expansion, which also includes the opening of several new locations in Australia and New Zealand by 2023 Since its launch in 2019, BrewDog Brisbane has grown into one of BrewDog’s most successful […]

About 54% of people say they don’t feel represented by advertising Yet 68% passed the Pepsi Taste Challenge

This column of top branding story-sharing tips is likely to be of little use to miners and the forestry industry

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That’s Us

World News – FI – AFL celebrates the base and the heroes of the game in “That’s Us” via Clems Melbourne – B&T

Source: https://www.bandt.com.au/afl-celebrates-grassroots-and-the-games-heroes-in-this-is-us-via-clemenger-bbdo-melbourne/