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An Instagram influencer best known for homeschooling and parenting content has died while pregnant with her fifth child Emily Mitchell, whose Instagram, @theverstecktWay was full of photos of her husband, four children, and pets, died Jan. December, according to an obituary first published on The Westerly Sun and shared online

The 36-year-old parenting influencer frequently shared Instagram posts about her family life in a Rhode Island farmhouse, as well as her Christian beliefs. Mitchell was also a “talented musician, singer, recording artist and music teacher” with degrees in psychology and music, it said in the obituary

On the day of her death, Mitchell drank more than 163 as of Monday morning, according to a GoFundMe made to support the familyShe raised $ 000 for “her morning coffee and toast when she suddenly stopped responding”

The GoFundMe said “all valiant resuscitation efforts were unsuccessful,” GoFundMe said the family is waiting for more information from doctors about Mitchell’s cause of death. Insider sent a message to Allyson Speake, the creator of the GoFundMe page, but heard at the time of the Writing no answer

Mitchell announced on Jan. Announced her fifth pregnancy on Instagram on November 11th, saying she was eleven weeks pregnant by the time the family had named the unborn child Joey after the obituary

Mitchell’s Instagram account gained tens of thousands of followers after her death, continuing an online phenomenon of people following popular personalities after their deaths On December 8th, the day of her death, she had around 82, according to SocialBlade, a social media analytics website000 followers As of Monday, she has 161000 followers

In her last Instagram post on Aug. On December 23, Mitchell announced that their fifth baby would be c-sectioned like their first four children. Mitchell said other mothers on the Instagram parenting and homeschooling community, where natural childbirths are extremely popular, shouldn’t feel discouraged. if you need medical help

“Whichever way your baby gets here, just know that YOUR EXPERIENCE is valid and worthy,” wrote Mitchell in the headline of her last post, “YOU are no less a mother when you need a medical emergency, a planned one Had cesarean section or an epidural “


Emily Mitchell

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