The country legend has a reputation for big hair and brassy vocals, but her charity work sets her apart from her peers

What do most people think of when they hear Dolly Parton? If you’re anything like me, remember how Aunt Dolly argued with Mamaw about Elvis Presley on the Disney Channel sitcom “Hannah Montana.” You might think of her induction into the Country Music Hall of Fame or her beloved song, “Jolene “Think, but her philanthropic endeavors are probably the least on the list. These endeavors go on and on, spanning the length of her career, and deserving recognition. The country legend grew up in Sevier County, Tennessee, one of the poorest counties in the country As she rose to fame and fortune, it humiliated her past economic struggles and resulted in a philanthropic journey that lasted throughout her career

Her famous song “9 to 5” illustrates not only her connection to her upbringing, but also her ongoing understanding of the struggle for a living wage in America. The song undermines the American dream and concept of “rags to riches” by describing how difficult it can be to get through. She rightly recognizes the determination and determination that it takes to get these jobs done and then receive little compensation. To put it in Dolly’s words, “Hardly It’s all take and no give, it’s no wonder Parton sympathized with hard-working Americans and turned to a career in philanthropy

The Dollywood Foundation was established in Parton’s hometown in 1988 to fund local improvements The Buddy Program, a first start by the foundation, offered high school graduates $ 500 and reduced dropout rates from 35% to 6% Parton’s philanthropic journey got off to a successful start. One of the most impactful projects, the Imagination Library, began in 1995. The project promised to send a free book to every child up to the age of 5 every month Having started with the artist’s hometown, North Carolina, the District of Columbia and Ohio in the near future took over the Imagination Library now responsible for giving books away to 1.45 million children, more recently Parton launched My People a year In 2016 to Aid Tennessee Forest Fire Victims Since then, the fund has changed to continue to support the fire department while focusing on rebuilding

In 2017, Parton began nurturing her relationship with Vanderbilt University Medical Center, donating $ 1 million in honor of her niece who worked at Monroe Carell Jr Children’s hospital received leukemia treatment in response to the coronavirus pandemic, she again donated $ 1 million to Vanderbilt to fund vaccine research.This money went towards the development of the Moderna vaccine, which is vital to the distribution of vaccines in the United States Parton’s association with Vanderbilt continues her goal of helping on the ground, maintaining a close bond with her hometown and not being stripped of fame from her roots

Earlier this month, Tennessee officials reached a bipartisan agreement to erect a statue of Dolly Parton in front of the State Capitol in Nashville to replace a controversial Confederate statue, the native Tennessee went on Twitter and respectfully asked officials who The statue’s plans to discontinue the current situation and considered insensitive. In its statement it said: “In view of all the events in the world, I do not think it appropriate to stand on a pedestal at the moment. It will remain open to honor in the future a statue, either a few years later or after her death when deemed appropriate, and fans praised her response and added her to the long list of reasons to love Dolly

From grants to concerts, the Dollywood Foundation has been responsible for making the lives of many people better. Parton puts her money where her heart and passions are: with her humble upbringing, she knows the importance of the helping the less fortunate This philanthropic work adds a layer to the artist’s shared point of view: it doesn’t just make it look sticky and classy; She is a country music icon. All of this charitable work deserves honor and recognition, and the possibility of a statue being placed below at an appropriate time could be one way to show that a statue is not enough to be the legend pay back yourself, but it’s a hell of a good start


Dolly Parton

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