Dr Biden, who has a PhD in Educational Leadership, will continue to teach writing at Northern Virginia Community College, where she taught full-time during her two semesters as a second lady

WASHINGTON – After four tumultuous years, Americans can expect incoming first lady Jill Biden to bring the east wing back to a more traditional presence, but before she took office, Dr. Biden signaled that she would bring her own approach to the job

Dr Biden, who has a PhD in Educational Leadership, will continue to teach writing at Northern Virginia Community College, where she taught full-time as a second lady throughout the Obama administration. As a first lady, she will be the first to balance her career with public duties This development has downplayed her team in order to protect her privacy

“Dr Biden will separate her classes at Northern Virginia Community College from her public role, ”said her spokesman Michael LaRosa DR. Biden has also dismissed factual questions about her decision, noting that she didn’t really think“ historically ”because she was second Lady had taught

Still, whether she publishes it or not, Dr 69-year-old Biden will be the first to attempt such a balancing act and inherit the control inherent in her newest role, as her modern predecessors have noted, the expectations of the President, the White House, American voters and several thousand journalists must be met despite it technically a job with no official responsibility is to be the First Lady of the United States

In December, Dr Biden’s professional qualifications were put into question weeks before she joined the east wing when the Wall Street Journal published a comment by writer Joseph Epstein asking her to remove the honor from her name

“Forget the little thrill, Dr Jill, and settle for the greater thrill of living in the world’s best public housing for the next four years as First Lady Jill Biden, ”he wrote

“Together we will build a world in which the achievements of our daughters are celebrated and not diminished,” said Dr Biden wrote on Twitter

While building her career, teaching at the Delaware Technical Community College, and later doing her PhD from the University of Delaware in 2007, Dr. Biden supported her husband’s ambition but sometimes didn’t enjoy life in the spotlight

She did not always support the idea of ​​her husband seeking higher office. In 2004, she protested the idea of ​​President Biden running for the White House by writing “No” in Sharpie on her bikini clad body and marched around her house (“My temper has gotten the best of me I’ve decided I need to add to this conversation,” she wrote of the episode in her 2019 memoir)

She finally gave in: Mr. Biden was elected Vice President of President Barack Obama in 2008 after an unsuccessful presidential election.She enjoyed the relative anonymity class as a second lady, noting in interviews that her students often failed to recognize her.In fact, former students did find out more about theirs on the Rate My Professors website Teaching style to say (“tough grader” is common) than about their connection to two presidential administrations

But on Wednesday, Dr Biden arrived at the White House with a higher profile, a platform similar to that she had as a second lady, and an east wing with aides she trusts, which includes Anthony Bernal, a senior advisor who has been with the Obama since the Obama campaign Bidens is Julissa Reynoso Pantaleón, a graduate of the Obama State Department, is her chief of staff

Last week, Dr Biden appointed Rory Brosius, a former Biden campaign advisor, as director of the Joining Forces Initiative, a program to support Dr. Biden started with Michelle Obama when she was first lady of DR. Biden is also expected to push for a free community college and raise awareness for breast cancer prevention, aides said

“She won’t go through the door and say,” What is my identity as a first lady? “Shailagh Murray, a former senior advisor to Mr. Biden and Mr Obama said in an interview, “It’ll just be the first-lady version of what she’s been doing all along”

New Jersey native Dr Biden grew up in Willow Grove, PA, a suburb of Philadelphia Simply spoken with a Philly accent, Dr Biden has approached her new role with the same folk touch her husband likes to use – “Call me Jill!” she said last week to allies who joined her on a Zoom call.But she’s not without grief: During the presidential campaign, she stood between her then 77-year-old husband and a group of recalcitrant vegan protesters

“I remember every little thing that was done against the people I love,” she wrote in her memoir, establishing herself as a family protector, if not the main grudgeon

After a short first marriage, Dr Biden married Mr. Biden in 1977, more than four years after his first wife Neilia and young daughter Naomi were killed in a car accident, put their own career goals on hold to help his two sons Beau, a Delaware Attorney General who died in 2015, and Hunter as to raise their own The Bidens’ daughter, Ashley, was born in 1981

During most of Mr. Biden’s six terms in the Senate, two terms as vice president and three terms as president, Dr. Biden has been by her husband’s side.The helpers expect her to take on tasks that should continue to support him, including joining Mr. Biden in an attempt to heal the political divide that tore the structure of the country apart during President Donald J’s Trump term in office

Dr Biden will also help bring the administration’s work to fight the coronavirus pandemic to the public

On Inauguration Day, the pandemic has turned the usual personal celebrations at which a new administration introduces itself in Washington on their heads, including the type of coming out expected by any first lady.Dr Biden had no inaugural dress the usual Donated to the Smithsonian Institution

Instead, when her husband was sworn in, Dr Biden hit the moment in a blue-green coat by designer Alexandra O’Neill that came with a color-coordinated face mask

Jill Biden

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