What is family dinner without a little drama? With the Pearson clan recently adding several new bundles of joys, it’s only right that they surely get together to celebrate while the promo for This Is Us Season 5, Episode 10 teases, this family get-together comes with the return of a fan favorite and a lot juicy one Voltage

The episode preview (titled “I’m Got This”) opens as the Pearsons happily reunite and reflect on the newest members of their family: Kevin and Madison’s twins, Franny and Nicky, and Kate and Toby’s newborns Daughter Hailey “I can’t believe we’re both mothers!” Madison raves about Kate, who pulls her into a hug

It makes sense that the characters are going to meet up now and expect some special guest stars as well. “When babies are born, relatives usually come into town to visit,” the co-executive producer suggested Julia Brownell Entertainment Weekly on the episode “This is how you might be treated to some characters from previous seasons that you would love to see”

If everyone gathers for dinner at the promo, lo and behold, Beth’s formidable mother Carol (played by Phylicia Rashad) is officially back in town – and she’s not afraid of a little confrontation

“At my school, kids leave their phones in their lockers during important events,” she says as Annie glances at her phone during dinner while Beth and Randall watch sheepishly when Carol was last in town , she and Randall clashed over her doubts about Beth’s dancing dreams and Randall’s suitability to be a husband. Although the three characters eventually reconciled, there will certainly be more family conflicts in the episode next week

Of course, it wouldn’t be This Is Us without a flashback that leaves fans in their feelings, and it seems like Season 5, Episode 10 focuses on Rebecca and Jack immediately after bringing their own triplets home The preview cuts off clips of them standing over their babies’ cribs, apparently preparing to enjoy their own family dinner while their grown children do the same.Although this gathering today may be fraught with troubles, it’s a good reminder that the circle often closes itself through the ups and downs of life

This Is Us season 5 will air on Tuesday, Nov. March, continued at 9 p.m. ET on NBC

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