Earlier in November, the local government released a new framework to help combat the COVID-19 pandemic that has continued since early this year

This framework introduces five new levels that will provide preventative measures to help companies stay open, and identify areas that require implementation of targeted urgent safety measures

Green indicates block, yellow for protection, orange for restriction, red for control and last resort, and shutdown

The Peel District has been marked in the Red Zone as of Saturday 7 November The actions in the red level are to control the transmission to stay or move to the modified Stage 2

Dr. “The framework charts a proactive and scaled response, based on the local situation in each district,” David Williams, Chief Medical Officer, Ontario. By working with local authorities on the facts and situations of COVID-19, we want to continue to help protect people’s health and well-being we are adapting Public health measures to be as targeted and effective as possible to stop the spread of the virus, while managing any outbreak as quickly as possible.

In addition to being divided into the red level, the Bell D District Health Officer Lawrence Luo provided additional safety measures for Residents of Peel, imposing stricter restrictions

Given the rapid rise in the numbers of confirmed cases in the region, Dr. Luo said he sent an informational letter to the community explaining that if tougher measures are not put in place, the transmission of COVID-19 will continue to grow and worsen dramatically.

“We are in a phase of a major crisis threatening lives, livelihoods and our healthcare system,” he said in his message. Raising concern, last week, hospitals in the region began to reach their capacity as a direct result of the increase in COVID-19 cases. This means that any Further growth of the COVID-19 pandemic in our community will overwhelm our efforts to keep our community safe, ensure access to hospital and healthcare services, and prevent deaths. “

Weddings and all corporate gatherings will be canceled from November 13 until January 7, with the possibility of extension. All large gatherings including holidays, birthdays or any other life events will be suspended from November 13

Non-essential individuals are prohibited from entering the workplace, and employees are encouraged to work remotely if possible

Dr Luo is discouraged, but if necessary, classes should require advance registration and providing contact information should not be allowed to walk

Religious services, rituals, or ceremonies are encouraged to be virtual, but if this is not possible, indoor capacity has been reduced by 30 percent to a maximum of 50 people per facility

Residents of Peel are prohibited from visiting homes other than their own except for emergency or medical reasons, renovations, construction, handover, or tutoring

“It is time to cut back on our lives to prevent COVID-19 from completely spiraling out of control. These guidelines are strict, but they are what it takes to keep the people at Peel working, learning, and able to access food, medical care, and the basics of everyday life The actions and sacrifices of Peel residents and businesses will work together. On stopping the spread of COVID-19, and helping to avoid lockdown and ultimately save lives, we must take strict measures now to control the epidemic in Bell “Luo”

Mayor Alan Thompson spoke on his blog about his approval of the measures that have been put in place to keep everyone safe

“I supported it because lives are at risk,” he said, “It won’t change any amount of negative, hate, and offensive social media or phone messages; sometimes the right thing to do is not the easiest or most common thing.”

Ontario reported 1,242 new cases as of November 8, 279 of them in the Bell District.

“It is time to verify the reality, if we cannot control this epidemic by adhering to the new measures, we will again have to shut down completely in the end, the result will be a reflection of our actions and our decisions,” Thompson said

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Source: https://ca.news.yahoo.com/stricter-restrictions-implemented-across-peel-154558419.html