As COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations continue to break records in Saskatchewan, the province is taking tougher measures to control the spread of the virus

The county is expanding its mask mandate, recommending in-class learning for some high schools, and alcohol sales will be cut by 10 pM

Anyone who lives in a community of 5,000 or more must wear a mask in indoor public spaces The request is valid for 28 days

All restaurants, bars, pubs and nightclubs in the district will have to stop serving alcohol by 10am, and consumption must end at 11am, the Ministry of Health says there are exceptions for special events and outdoor spaces There is also a ban on hookah and hookah services

For schools, all departments are required to transition to Level 3 in back-to-school plans for high schools of 600 or more students

Under the Safe Schools Plan, Level 3 is to reduce classroom learning to prevent the spread of the virus.

Furthermore, all aerobic group fitness activities such as spin classes and circuit class workouts are limited to a maximum of eight participants.

The word of the new measures came after 402 doctors from Saskatchewan sent a letter to Prime Minister Scott Mo and Shihab, calling for more measures to combat the Corona virus in the province

Over the past seven of the last eight days, the numbers of new COVID-19 cases have exceeded 100 per day since Saturday, provincial officials have identified the outbreak in two long-term care facilities, a residence for the elderly and a personal care home.

With increased pressure on hospital facilities and healthcare personnel, the Saskatchewan Health Authority announced Thursday evening that it is “mobilizing all available resources to combat COVID-19”

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A growing group of more than 350 SASC doctors ask the province to do more in fighting COVID-19 as intensive care units reach their capacity

This includes employee redeployment because SHA cannot meet the “unprecedented growth demand” through the labor market only. As a result, other health services will be interrupted until transmission is slowed.

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