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In the past two decades since the tragic death of Princess Diana, her older sister Sarah McCorquodale and Lady Jane Fellowes have largely avoided public life, even though they have remained close to their nephews, William and Harry, and recent appearances at Harry and Meghan’s wedding and Archie’s baptism

But now, the sisters’ lives are in the spotlight again with the arrival of Season 4 of The Crown. New episodes, covering the period from 1977 to 1989, will introduce viewers to Lady Diana Spencer, as she was known at the time, and her wedding will include Prince Charles. But before Charles met Diana, he briefly dated her sister Sarah – in fact, she was the one who brought them all you need to know about Lady Sarah, Diana’s older sister.

The Spencer family has been a part of the British aristocracy for hundreds of years, and Diana and Sarah’s grandmothers – Cynthia Spencer, Countess Spencer and Ruth Roch, Baroness Fermo – worked as waiting ladies for Queen Elizabeth Mum

Elizabeth Sarah Lavinia Spencer was born in 1955 to parents John Spencer, Viscount Althorp and Francis Spencer, Viscount Althorpe, Sarah was the eldest of Spencer’s four children: she is two years and six years older than Lady Jane Fellowes than Diana. Their brother, Earl Charles Spencer, is the younger brother they all grew up in Park House, the house Spencer rented on the Queen Elizabeth II estate in Sandringham

Sarah and Diana’s parents divorced in 1967 and divorced in 1969 (their mother quickly married Peter Shand Kidd, whom she had an affair with) In an unusual move at the time, their father filed a lawsuit for full custody of the children and the siblings continued to live With him in Park House until the death of her seventh grandfather, Earl Spencer In 1975, the family moved to the Spencer Seat in Althorp (where Diana was later buried). One year later, their father married Rennes, Countess of Dartmouth.

According to Diana’s biography by Sarah Bradford, young Diana is described as “worshiping a hero”

Sarah attended Riddlesworth Hall School in Norfolk and then West Heath Boarding School in Kent left West Heath after passing O Level exams (usually taken at age 16) and went to work in London

Sarah dated Prince Charles for a while, but it wasn’t supposed to last. She reportedly told Time magazine in 1978, “There is no chance to marry me. I do not love him and I will never marry someone I did not like whether he was the Dust Man or the King of England.” / p>

However, Charles and Diana first met through Sarah, at a 1977 shooting party at the Spencer family home in Althorp, when she was 16 and he was 29

According to Diana’s biography by Andrew Morton, when she first moved to London in the late 1970s, Diana shared an apartment in Chelsea with Sarah and Sarah Lucinda’s girlfriend Craig Harvey apparently, Sarah charged her with doing a lot of cleaning, but apparently Diana didn’t Mind

A few years later, in 1980, Charles and Diana, who were now 32 and 19 years old, reconnected and started dating Diana was living in London at this point, working odd jobs as a choreographer, nanny, and nursery nanny


“I introduced them, I am Cupid,” Sarah reportedly said shortly after Charles and Diana’s engagement was announced in 1981. It appears that Sarah agreed to her sister’s relationship with the future king.

Sarah got married a year before her sister in 1980 to Neil McCorquodale. The couple have three children, Emily, George and Celia, and they are still together today.

Sarah and Diana remained in a close relationship after Diana married Charles and became part of the royal family. Diana biographer Andrew Morton wrote that Sarah was one of the few Diana trusted during those complex years Sarah was often seen with her nephews Prince William and Harry In London, the sisters often brought their children on vacation together

She also occasionally accompanied Diana on official trips as a Lady-in-waiting, including a royal visit to Nepal in March 1993

After the horrific death of Diana in a car accident in Paris on August 31, 1997, both her sister went with Charles to collect her body. Sarah recited a poem at Diana’s funeral in Westminster Abbey, which was seen by an estimated 25 billion people around the world. Sarah’s brother, the Earl, made no secret. Spencer, the words about his contempt for the royal family, and the media in his now famous eulogy

Diana was buried in a private ceremony at the family home in Althorp, with only the Spencer family, Charles, William and Harry, a close friend and an existing clergyman. Mrs. Sarah was the co-executor of Diana’s will and later became the head of the Diana Memorial Fund, which collected more than 112 £ 1 million to various charities in the 15 years after her death, before closing in 2012

She also testified in a 2007 investigation into the death of Princess Diana, which led to a jury ruling that the princess and her companion, Dodi Al-Fayed, were unlawfully killed by their driver, Henry Paul (who was under the influence of alcohol) and crushed the paparazzi who were following them in the Paris Tunnel

Since Diana’s death, Lady Sarah has been close to her nephews, Prince William and Prince Harry. She was spotted with Prince William at charity events in Lincolnshire, attended the nanny’s funeral in 2012, and was present at his marriage to Kate Middleton in 2011 as the Duke attended. The Duchess of Cambridge has the wedding of Emily, the Duke’s cousin, the eldest daughter of Sarah, in 2012

Mrs. Sarah also attended Harry and Meghan’s wedding in 2018 and the christening of their son Archie last year. In a touching moment, Sarah and her sister Jane were included in the official photo released in honor of the occasion.

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