U o The battleground state of Georgia on Thursday was expected to confirm Joe Biden’s victory over Donald Trump after a grueling recount, as Trump’s re-election campaign said it would withdraw a lawsuit in Michigan

Gabrielle Stirling, Georgia’s voting system implementation officer, told Fox News that the state audit and recount is almost complete and on the right track to verify Biden’s advantage, describing the allegations of voter irregularity as “wild miscalculations.”

“The good part is that the audit did its job” of finding small groups of unaccounted votes that were counted that morning, he said, “The recount is going great”

In the state-by-state Electoral College that determines the winner of the election, Biden, a Democrat, won 306 electoral votes to 232 for Republican Trump, ahead of the 270 votes needed to win The winner in each state is awarded the electoral votes for that state, a number roughly proportional to the population

The Trump campaign has filed lawsuits in a number of states with little success so far. The legal proposals, which are full of factual errors, have been dismissed by the Biden campaign as a “play”

Trump’s lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, said Thursday that the campaign will withdraw its lawsuit to challenge the voting results in Michigan, with Biden being named this week as the winner in a tangle of events

Two Republican members of the Wayne County Assembly of Experts on Tuesday voted in principle to block the vote’s approval before reversing their decision following an angry public backlash.

But then both signed affidavits on Wednesday seeking to nullify their assertion that Biden had won, saying they had changed their positions under pressure. A spokesperson for the office of the Michigan State Secretary of State said that the post-fact statement did not prevent the ballot papers from being validated.

One of the two, Monica Palmer, confirmed Thursday via text message to Reuters that Trump called her to check-in after the vote was approved.

Trump has a shrinking number of options to cancel the election results in which Biden won 58 million additional votes nationwide, and Biden is due to be sworn in on January 20

Critics say Trump’s refusal to compromise has serious implications for national security and the fight against the Coronavirus, which has killed more than 250,000 Americans

Among other concerns, the administration has halted financial and security approvals for Biden employees to facilitate the presidential transition

In Pennsylvania, where Biden won 82,000 votes, Trump’s campaign is asking a judge to declare him a winner there, saying the Republican-controlled legislature should select 20 state electors

In Wisconsin, the Trump campaign has prompted a partial recount or recount, although election officials there say this will only add to Biden’s 20,000 vote advantage in a state with 10 electoral votes

Several prominent law firms have withdrawn from the Trump campaign legal process, leaving Trump’s personal attorney Giuliani to lead the effort

Trump said on Twitter Thursday that the attorneys would discuss a “viable path to victory” at a noon news conference EDT (1700 GMT)

Federal and state election officials, as well as outside experts, say Trump’s argument that the election was stolen from him due to widespread voter fraud is baseless in fact

Nevertheless, it appears to affect public confidence in American democracy. A Reuters / Ipsos poll, published on Wednesday, showed that nearly half of Republicans believe Trump has “rightly won” the election

Arizona’s chief election official, Democrat Katie Hobbs, said she and her family received violent threats and urged Trump to stop questioning the result, in which he lost just over 10,000 votes

Hobbes said in a statement: “(The threats) are symptomatic of a deeper problem in our country and our country – the ongoing and systematic undermining of trust in each other and our democratic process.”

Trump, who has largely stayed in the White House and has been out of sight since the election, has no public events scheduled for Thursday

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Georgia recount

World News – California – Georgia to announce results of recount as Trump drops Michigan lawsuit

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