Every episode of WWE’s Royal Rumble brings surprises in several places during the 30-man game, this year’s show shouldn’t be an exception as there are plenty of big names out there either due to injury or disruption Retired from TV and could use a Rumble return as a launch pad for a big match at WrestleMania 37.We have compiled a list of seven wrestlers who could get their surprise back, along with a couple who haven’t been on Raw or SmackDown yet -Lists Stands Check out the list below and let us know in the comments below who you think is going to surprise us at this year’s Rumble below

The Royal Rumble event 2021 will take place on Jan instead of 31 in the WWE ThunderDome in St Petersburg’s Tropicana Field

It’s hard to believe that “The Rated-R Superstar” made a triumphant return a year ago. He hasn’t been seen on Backlash since the triceps tear, but that has been over seven months. Plus he’s still eager to make this trilogy of the Ending games with Randy Orton, who has already confirmed he will be in the game

We’re going to bring these two together because they disappeared for the same reason Lynch has been out of action since her pregnancy was announced in May, while Rollins was written off TV on the Survivor Series for being home with Lynch and their first child to welcome your daughter Roux was born on December 4

Rollins was originally announced for a return to SmackDown a few weeks ago, but those plans have been quietly discarded. Whether Lynch is physically ready to return to the ring is unknown

The fact that Rousey was back in ring training was one of the worst kept secrets on social media, whether or not that means she’ll be in the actual rumble is a whole different conversation, but the odds are pretty good , especially when WWE finally prepares her and Lynch for a single game at WrestleMania

“The Beast” hit the headlines last year when news broke that his last WWE contract had expired, and the fact that he didn’t appear at all on SummerSlam led fans to believe he might for one Be gone for a while But if WWE’s booking strategy has taught us anything over the past five years, Lesnar is never too far from a World Cup game and what could be nicer than booking a rematch with Drew McIntyre at WrestleMania than Lesnar den Let Rumble Win?

Ripley has been ready for the jump on Raw or SmackDown for a while, and a Rumble win could get her into a rematch with Charlotte Flair from last year’s event

It’s been five years since AJ Styles made his surprising WWE debut during the 2016 Royal Rumble Every year since then, fans have lined up expecting a big name from another company to make the leap to WWE during the 30-man game.This year, that speculation centers on Jay White, who announced after Wrestle Kingdom 15 that he would “quit” after the New Year’s Dash event

Is there any evidence now that White’s contract with New Japan has actually ended? Nah, but he rightly hasn’t wrestled since New Year’s Dash and showing up in the Rumble would send wrestling Twitter into a frenzy. This is the longest long shot, but fun to think about

Royal Rumble 2021

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