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GameStop has become the figurehead of a small army buying stocks to force short sellers to cover and raise the stocks, which was achieved through its use of the internet and, in particular, the use of Reddit as a communication channel

While the fundamental outlook for companies that have seen their stock prices spike up hasn’t changed much in the past week, their stocks have taken on a life of their own – they have experienced nosebleeds, which usually results in one due to the valuation levels they have reached certain point in time indicates a train accident

These stocks were trading between 10% and 27% in the after-market on Wednesday. Think of the phrase: “Bulls make money, bears make money and pigs are slaughtered”

GameStop’s stock is up 788% in the past five days, creating a flurry of notoriety in the investment and non-financial worlds. More stocks have traded than GameStop in the past four days, and on three Days more than twice the number of outstanding shares changed hands

As shown in the top portion of the chart, GameStop’s Relative Strength Index, or RSI, is 985. Although not surprising given the stock’s huge rally, it is in the upper stratosphere of overbought

In addition to focusing on this small army driving prices soaring, AMC has raised capital in the past few days that could be enough to make it through at least the end of this year, up 570% last year However, week is more than better capitalization

As shown in the upper part of the chart, AMC’s Relative Strength Index or RSI is 966 even in a very overbought state

BlackBerry had to change its business model over a decade ago when smartphones, and Apple’s iPhone in particular, hit the market in recent years, with little revenue growth and limited profitability

As shown in the upper part of the diagram, the Relative Strength Index or RSI of BlackBerry is 963

Koss has been around since 1953 selling stereo headphones and accessories worldwide This is not a company at the cutting edge of scalable technology December only 700 shares were cut, so the skyrocketing price increase is not due to short coverage. The low market capitalization could be the reason

There are no analyst estimates for Koss, so I’m showing the last three years of actual sales

As shown in the upper part of the chart, the Koss Relative Strength Index or RSI is 985

I do independent research on technology companies and I was previously one of two analysts to research technology holdings for Atlantic Trust (Invescos High


I provide independent research on technology companies and was previously one of two analysts to research technology holdings for Atlantic Trust (Invesco’s high net worth group), a company with $ 15 billion in assets under management before joining Atlantic Trust , I was an Internet Security Software Analyst at Smith Barney (where I wrote the industry’s most comprehensive report, Internet Security Software: The Ultimate Internet Infrastructure) and Enterprise Server Hardware Analyst at Salomon Brothers. Before becoming a stock analyst, I was with IBM for 16 years active in various sales and manufacturing positions I have a BS. in industrial engineering from Stanford University and a postgraduate degree in economics from the University of Sussex, England

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