Posted: 19:30 GMT, 20 January 2021 | Updated: 21:46 GMT, Jan. January 2021

First Lady Jill Biden secured her role as President Joe Biden’s “best political asset” with a “classy and elegant” performance at the inauguration, which earned her a lot of praise from the audience

The 69-year-old teacher stood proudly by her husband’s side when he turned 46 on Wednesday President of the United States was sworn in He held up the Bible, on which he placed his hand while taking an oath to keep it protect and defend the constitution

Next to Jill were her stepson Hunter, 50, and daughter Ashley, 39, who recently paid tribute to their mother for helping keep Joe grounded throughout his political career

Right Woman: First Lady Jill Biden cemented her status as “best political asset” from President Joe Biden on inauguration when she received high praise for her “classy” demeanor

Emotion: The 69-year-old teacher proudly kissed and hugged her husband after he officially turned 46 President of the United States had been sworn in

Closing: The couple have been married for 43 years, and Jill has long been considered one of Joe’s strongest allies and confidants – a label she was sure to live up to at Wednesday’s event

Allies: Many housewarmers were quick to highlight the very close and very visible bond that Joe and Jill share

Her position as the right-wing woman and closest confidante of the new president could not have been clearer on Wednesday when she stayed by his side during the day’s proceedings – which resulted in a mass in St Matthew the Apostle Cathedral in DC.

From there, the couple, who have been married for 43 years, traveled to Capitol Hill for the inauguration, where Jill proudly held Joe’s hand as they went on stage for the ceremony

Within seconds of her arrival at the event, social media had been flooded with praise for Jill, who received compliments on everything from her calm and respectful demeanor to her chic choice of outfit that compares to Jackie Kennedy by some impressed Twitter drew users

‘Dr Jill Biden is stunning, beautiful, elegant and classy. So proud to have her as our first lady, ”one person shared with

Another added: ‘Dr Jill Biden brings strong, classy, ​​intelligent, beautiful women back to the White House ‘

‘The first lady Jill Biden is stunning! I love her outfit! ‘a third person mingled a’ classy, ​​exuberant and all together American I love it! ‘

Family: After the swearing in, Jill hugged her husband, stepson Hunter Biden, 50, and daughter Ashley, 39
From the heart: Ashley seemed emotionally overwhelmed when she saw her father take his oath days after commending her mother for “grounding” him throughout his career

She has his back! A heartwarming moment from the event saw Jill put her hands on Joe’s shoulders in a gesture of comfort and reassurance

Consistent: The English professor was an unwavering source of support and advice for Joe throughout his marriage After the death of his first wife, he was credited with making him well again

One user stated: ‘Dr Jill Biden served us all a plate of Jackie O Reality this morning !!! Today’s monochromatic looks are fabulous, “agreed another, saying,” Jill Biden is so classy, ​​a real Jackie O.’

Viewers were also moved by Jill’s enthusiastic hug from her husband, whom she proudly hugged and kissed after he was sworn in before pulling her stepson Hunter and daughter Ashley into a family hug

While the inauguration undoubtedly provided a platform for Jill to shine, it has long been considered an essential force behind her husband’s political career

Earlier this week, Jill and Joe’s only daughter Ashley praised their mother and reiterated a long-standing belief that the newly minted first lady is one of their father’s greatest assets

“I agree [that she is his best political asset],” Ashley told Jenna Bush Hager, the former First Daughter and Today presenter, “You know she’s with dad right now. She’s wild and extremely loyal ‘

The new first daughter then praised her parents’ relationship and agreed with Jenna’s description of her “inspirational love” At the same time, she revealed how her mother helps keep Joe “grounded” throughout his time in politics

Milestone: The professor appeared to be torn apart as her husband took his oath to uphold, protect, and defend the Constitution

Delighted: The first lady couldn’t hide her excitement when she arrived at the Capitol prior to her husband’s inauguration

Team: Jill made a close friendship with former first lady Michelle Obama while her husbands served together in the White House and the women hugged each other tightly

Side by side: Joe’s Vice President Kamala Harris is also close to Jill, and the two women walked into the Capitol with their husbands on Wednesday

“You really have [a great love that inspires]” she said, ‘Mom keeps dad down. She’ll always remind him to take out the trash. Dad loves his raisin bran in the morning and she says, “Joe, wash them Bowl, don’t put it in the sink “‘

Jill has steadfastly supported Joe throughout his political career, and was his second lady during the eight years he served as Vice President of former President Barack Obama Prior to that, she was credited with helping bring her husband back to health ‘after he suffered the tragic loss of his first wife Neilia and their young daughter in a car accident in 1972

The new first lady was 24 when she met her current husband – who was 33 at the time and was serving as a Senator from Delaware

She had divorced her first husband – former college soccer player Bill Stevenson – just months earlier and had a blind date with Joe by his brother Frank, whom she knew from college

Joe, as is well known, had to propose to Jill five times before she accepted his marriage offer – and the English professor later announced that she had avoided marrying him for so long because she feared that their union would be too much for his sons could disturb lives

Tragedy: Biden’s first wife Neilia and her little daughter Naomi (center) died in a car accident in December 1972. Their sons Hunter (left) and Beau (right) survived the accident

All over again: Joe suggested Jill five times before she accepted – and in 2007 he credited her for helping make him and his family “whole” again after the tragedy

Greetings: Jill is believed to have taken her stepsons Hunter and Beau, who died of brain cancer in 2015, under her wing after marrying their father (pictured together in 1987)

At his side: During her career as a teacher and professor, Jill continued to support her husband’s political rise. They are pictured at a Democratic Party dinner in 1987

I loved the guys so much, “she said in an interview in 2019,” I had to be sure that it had to be forever ’

The couple married in 1977 at the United Nations Chapel and a reception dinner at the Sign of the Dove in New York City and then took sons Beau and Hunter on their honeymoon with their daughter born in 1981

In his 2007 bio, Promises to Keep, Joe thanked his wife for giving him back his life and making him feel whole again, and wrote: She gave me back my life, she let me begin to believe my family could be whole again ‘

Despite fears that Hunter and Beau would have trouble hugging them in their lives, Jill served as an anchor for the family that had almost been torn apart when Neilia and Naomi died When Ashley was born, she raised all three children as her own, and her daughter continues to talk about how closely she and her stepbrothers were

Jill was by her husband’s side when tragedy struck the family again in 2015, when Biden’s eldest son Beau died of brain cancer at the age of 46, leaving Mrs. Hallie and their two children Natalie and Robert II

Committed: Dr Biden will make history as the first first lady in history to hold a paid job outside of the White House after confirming that she will continue teaching

Staying Strong: The dedicated teacher kept her job while serving as second lady during the eight-year Obama presidency, balancing her job with her official duties

Success: Jill celebrated with her husband and Barack and Michelle when Obama won the November 2008 election

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