Several members of David Dobrik’s vlog team are currently in hot water Dobrik recently apologized after ex-member Seth Francois made sexual assault allegations against him, then a damn inside article came out with rape allegations against Ex-member Durte Dom out The article included allegations by Trisha Paytas that Jeff Wittek was the one who supplied the young women with the alcohol, leading Jeff to rebut the claims in a 20-minute YouTube video >

However, many will know from his open discussion in various previous vlogs that this is not Jeff’s first controversy as he was actually arrested and jailed in 2011, however, why was Jeff Wittek arrested? Is Jeff Wittek a Criminal? How long was Jeff Wittek in jail? Everything we know about Jeff Wittek’s sentence in 2011 is here

So a lot of people know that Jeff obviously went to jail for a few months, but what actually got him into a cell was his trafficking and possession of drugs. we know he traded a variety of substances including marijuana and cocaine and that his bail was 61As a result, he spent several months in Wayside LA Country Jail

While in prison, Jeff started cutting the hair of other inmates and making money from it. When Jeff spoke to Durte Dom on his podcast, he found that the whole experience, while scary at first, soon becomes boring

“There is a constant fear of being killed anytime,” he said to Dom. “It kind of fades, if anything, your nerves fade. When you are first arrested and find that you are facing some dire consequences, you will expressing all emotions Once that’s done, all you get bored of is waiting to get out ”

One of the parents claims his daughters were “handcuffed while standing barefoot outside in their pajamas”

Charities have received up to six times more calls for help and expect this to continue to increase

Jeff Wittek

World News – CA – Why did Jeff Wittek, member of the vlog team, go to jail in 2011?