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Governor of Alaska calls for relaxation of border restrictions between Alaska and Canada for “snowbirds” traveling south for the winter

Governor of Alaska calls for relaxation of border restrictions between Alaska and Canada for “snowbirds” traveling south for the winter

“Some specific issues (have) serious repercussions on our voters as border crossing restrictions due to COVID-19 continue,” read letter dated October 21

The letter is addressed to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, two federal ministers, Prime Minister Sandy Silver and BC Prime Minister John Horgan

Calls for Alaskans who travel south for the winter to be allowed through Canada as essential travelers

“They are traveling south because the Alaskan winter can be harsh, complicating the underlying medical conditions,” the letter says

“Their winter homes in ‘Lower 48’ are closer to full medical facilities that are better equipped to meet their health care needs”

The letter notes that many of those Alaskans traveling south are seniors who need medical care not available in the rural north

“We believe that such displacement is essential for these elderly people, as well as for the health and safety of larger populations in areas where access to health care is limited,” the letter states.

State would require travelers to Alaska to test negative for COVID-19 before entering Canada, letter suggests

He adds that Canada currently has travel requirements, including limited time to move from one border to another, which already limit contact between Alaskans and Canadians.

“We are certain that Alaskans traveling south would abide by any conditions your government imposes on them as they pass through Canada”

The letter also requests that a “travel bubble” be granted between the Alaskan community of Hyder and the BC community of Stewart

The two cities straddle the US-Canadian border, and existed as a single community before the border lockdown this year

The letter explains that many Hyder utilities and grocery stores are located in Stewart

Hyder’s children cannot attend their school in Stewart and families are not allowed to visit each other

A travel bubble would allow Hyder residents access to family, essential supplies, education, medical care and religious services, according to letter

“Current travel restrictions are having an increasingly negative impact on these communities,” says letter

“Alaska again today announced 349 new cases of COVID-19 plus one additional death,” White said

“The prospect of increased travel from Alaska is of concern to many Yukoners, especially those living in communities along the Alaska Highway Corridor”

Premier Sandy Silver said he had not been contacted directly about this border easing request, but had previously spoken with officials in Alaska about other ad hoc requests at the border

“I then informed the Government of Alaska that these decisions are made at the federal level and that we will convey our concerns to the federal government as such,” said Silver

John Streicker, Minister of Community Services, noted that travelers from Alaska passing through the Yukon have not brought COVID-19 to the territory

He said about 40,000 Americans have crossed the territory since the restrictions went into effect

What’s the point here? This can be handled by government staff and does not require going home for it Liberals are right Away from BC business it is not for Yukon house to discuss Has nothing to do with Yukoners
Identical to Aboriginal businesses in Nova Scotia The Ns-E are not happy that the NDP is going into their business
Can someone tell me what the NDP is trying to do?

When we allowed Americans to pass earlier, some did not respect our restrictions
They were told to continue on the freeway without stopping in Whitehorse However, some of them went to Whitehorse in the downtown area for shopping etc.
So I understand that Yukoners are worried

Alaskan snowbirds maybe could take the Alaskan ferry straight to Bellingham and avoid border issues It’s a beautiful trip and less stressful than driving the Alaska Highway in the winter Just a thought

Why can’t they just steal and rent a car from their house if they don’t have one? it’s faster and safer anyway
I think too many zealous Americans have ruined it for these people to travel as they please

No thanks Not a good enough reason Stay put Canadian snowbirds also cannot travel across the land border to their US homes But there are direct flights from Alaska to the rest of the States- United Understand it for a not so difficult season

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