US. President Donald Trump only has two weeks in office, but after sparking a rioters attack on the U.S. Capitol, some Republicans are actively considering removing him in these final stages of his administration

Charging Trump might be the appropriate remedy, and using impeachment to remove him from office would prevent him from running for president again, but there is likely no time to indict the president in the next two weeks and try again (reminder: Trump has already been indicted by the House of Representatives for his activities in Ukraine but not removed from office by the Senate)

A second option is to appeal to the 25th grade Change that was regularly discussed as a last resort to remove a villain or incapacitated president

Some cabinet members had preliminary discussions on the appeal to the 25th Change to enforce Trump’s impeachment, a GOP source told CNN’s Jim Acosta on Wednesday night

To forcibly wrest power from Trump, US. Vice President Mike Pence would have to be on board as per the text of the amendment Read full language here Pence would also need a majority of Trump’s cabinet officials to agree that the president is not fit for office and temporarily take power from him

Trump could deny their move with a letter to Congress pence and the cabinet would then have four days to deny it, Congress would then vote – it would require a two-thirds majority, usually 67 senators and 290 members of the House, to make it permanent remove

Instead of the cabinet, Congress could appoint its own body to review the suitability of the President House Speaker Nancy Pelosi tabled a bill to create a congressional body for this purpose during the last Congress, but it was not legally signed

The 25th Change was made after the murder of John F. adopt Kennedy, whose predecessor Dwight Eisenhower suffered a serious heart attack. It should establish a clear line of succession and prepare for urgent contingencies

Eisenhower suffered a debilitating heart attack in office in the 1950s that was before Jan. Change, so there was no constitutional rule. Instead, he reached an agreement with Vice President Richard Nixon on the transfer of power

The part of the 25 Change that allows the vice-president and cabinet to remove the president had in mind a leader who was comatose or had a stroke

The Reagan administration did not draft, sign, or forward letters to the Senate that would have taken power from Reagan after his shooting in 1981. You can see them on the Reagan Library website

The storming of the Capitol by rioters at the request of the President could be the first such event in the nation’s history

Presidential historian Douglas Brinkley, who appeared on CNN when rioters were evicted from the Capitol, said he never thought he would seriously argue about overthrowing a president who posed a threat to the republic

“Our country is being held hostage by Donald Trump right now,” he said. “Mitch McConnell and Spokesman Pelosi can’t even meet in the Capitol today. to control Donald Trump, and certainly 25th is Amendment because “

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