The NFC West playoff picture is clearing up, AFC North hits prime time again and we could get a Super Bowl preview Here’s what to look for this NFL Sunday, including numerous clinch Scenarios for week 15

Brees is back in time for the Super Bowl preview?
Sunday’s much-anticipated matchup between the Kansas City Chiefs and the New Orleans Saints just got a whole lot better Quarterback Drew Brees returned on time for a Super Bowl preview. Brees suffered broken ribs and a lung injury of 15 against the 49ers in November and was sidelined for four weeks

The news for the Saints is not all good, however.Shortly after the Brees return was announced, top wide receiver Michael Thomas was left out with an injury Thomas, who has suffered from an ankle disease all season has been the past three weeks missed the season after being transferred to an injured reserve. Fortunately, he will be available to the team for the playoffs – according to the rules of the league, players on the IR can return after just three weeks according to the adjusted COVID protocols, one healthy brees and one rested Thomas for the playoffs? Oh, that might be fun

If Brees can claim a victory over the Chiefs on his big return, the Saints will be crowned NFC South champions (even if New Orleans loses, they can still finish the division this Sunday when the buccaneers take on the Hawks lose or both the Saints and the Bucs tie their respective games)

Both the saints and the chiefs are in search of the top seeds of their respective conferences

The Chiefs, who have already completed their division, would have tried to get the AFC No. 1 seed and the coveted goodbye in the first round this weekend, but the Bills’ victory over the Denver Broncos on Saturday night closes that opportunity for at least another week from

Titans currently in control of AFC South
The 9-4 Tennessee Titans have three ways to secure a spot in the playoffs on Sunday, and all of them include a Sunday win over Detroit:
• Win titans AND lose ravens (vs. Jaguars), OR
• Titans win AND Raiders * lose or tie (vs. Chargers) AND dolphins lose (vs. Patriots) AND the Browns win or tie (vs. Giants)
• Titans win AND Raiders * lose or tie (vs. Chargers) AND dolphins lose (vs. Patriots) AND the titans or browns gain the strength of the tiebreaker victory over the dolphins

* The Raiders lost in overtime to the Chargers on Thursday evening, keeping the Titans’ hopes on Sunday

The 9-4 Colts check the score in this case. A loss to the Titans and a division win over the Houston Texans would result in Indy overtaking Tennessee in an extremely tight AFC South race

Approaching the end of an era in AFC East
With Tom Brady down in Tampa Bay and the core of the club’s elite defenses knocked out of the tournament due to COVID-19 concerns, it’s not surprising the New England Patriots are on the verge of losing, but it’s still jarring If the Patriots lose to Miami Dolphins on Sunday afternoon, it will officially be the end of a comeback from Bill Belichick & Co this season (they will also be eliminated if the game ends in a draw and the Baltimore Ravens win their matchup with the Jacksonville Jaguars)

It is the first time since 2008 that Belichick has missed the playoffs, and overall only the fourth time during his time in New England. Even more impressive: The first two mistakes came in his first three years at the club, separated by a super Bowl win

While the 8-5 dolphins are preferred, we shouldn’t count New England until they’re actually out – surely we’ve learned our lessons by now? With the Buffalo Bills crowned AFC East Champion on Saturday night and the Dolphins emerging from their rebuilding and currently in the playoffs, the division is out of New England’s grip at the time

Can Tampa Tom keep his playoff series alive?
While his old club’s hopes are likely to be dashed, Tom Brady seems poised to keep his personal playoff streak alive.His Tampa Bay Buccaneers don’t have the clearest path in the postseason this Sunday, but it is possible: they must defeat the Atlanta Falcons and the NFC North Matchup between the Vikings and Bears must end in a draw.If this magic happens, it will be the 12th Playoff place in a row for TB12

Ravens control their own destiny
The Baltimore Ravens’ win over the Cleveland Browns on Monday night was dramatic, entertaining and easy The Game of the Year It was also a major turning point for Baltimore as it brought them a crucial division win to get them back into the playoff race and them the Giving control of their own destiny in order to achieve a place on the wild card

If the playoffs ended today, the 8-5 Ravens would still be looking outside but win all three remaining games and there’s a good chance they will be at the Brown were their toughest remaining opponent Three very winnable opponents, starting with the 1-12 Jaguars on Sunday afternoon, followed by the New York Giants next Sunday before closing the 2020 campaign in Cincinnati

NFC West is preparing for the grand finale
With three teams in the playoffs, NFC West continues to be one of the strongest divisions in League Two of those clubs, the Los Angeles Rams and Seattle Seahawks, can make it official on Sunday as the two-team division can be first in the postseason / p>

The Los Angeles Rams (9-4) will secure a place in the playoffs with a win or a tie against the 0-13 New York Jets (In other words, LA is in)

It’s a win-and-you-in for the 9-4 Seattle Seahawks as well, though that’s far from a guarantee, considering they face Chase Young and Washington’s ardent defense against San Francisco

The 7-6 Arizona Cardinals don’t have a clinch scenario, but they are in a must-win area if they go up against the Eagles to keep up with the co-division leaders

While playoff tickets might be punched out this Sunday, next Sunday will really bring the drama as the Rams and Seahawks battle it out, which will likely determine the division champions buckle up

Now for the above clinch scenarios, for both the Seahawks and the Rams, there is another (less likely) route into the postseason

Bears, Vikings in multiple playoff scenarios
The Chicago Bears and Minnesota Vikings are in the middle of some intriguing playoff clinch scenarios when they compete against each other this Sunday – sadly, however, both NFC North teams can only win postseason berths for other teams, as unlikely as that may be at a tie between Chicago and Minnesota this Sunday, the Los Angeles Rams (9-4) and Seattle Seahawks (9-4) will occupy the playoff spots and could also be the last piece for Tom Brady his playoff clinch scenario – the Buccaneers can book their spot with a win against the Falcons and a Bears-Vikings tie

As we know, tie games are pretty rare – we’ve only had one game end in a tie this season – but we’ll be watching this game extra closely just in case

Browns back in the spotlight
After losing dramatically to the Ravens in a Monday night thriller last week, the Cleveland Browns are back for another prime-time match – this time on the Sunday Night Football stage against the New York Giants The Browns are starring 9-4 still in the playoffs but watching some must-win games. You have to win on Sunday to have a chance to fight for the division title after losing to the Steelers at AFC North -Crown passes before Pittsburgh even steps on the field on Monday night.Even if Cleveland defeats the Giants, the Steelers can take the division with a win over the Bengals

A win for Cleveland would take them to double-digit wins for the first time since 2007 that wasn’t enough to make the playoffs and it doesn’t bring guarantees this year either.A loss makes things pretty tense, especially considering that the Ravens are just a single victory away from their record

We’ll have to wait and see if Sunday’s matchup brings the drama we saw on Monday, but that could get interesting:

Giants Statement: Offensive Coordinator Jason Garrett Has Tested Positive For COVID-19 He Will Continue To Work Remotely Tight Ends Trainer Freddie Kitchens will act as the team’s attacking player against the Cleveland Browns on Sunday

Giants QB Colt McCoy is on track to start Sunday night against the Browns Daniel Jones has ankle and hamstring injuries, McCoy, the former Browns QB, is about to start Former Browns HC Freddie Kitchens calls the Giants games against the team that fired him

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NFL playoff picture

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