The presenter of the “Wendy Williams Show” appeared on SiriusXM’s “The Jess Cagle Show” on Monday to speak about her new biopic for the Lifetime film and accompanying documentary “Wendy Williams: What a Mess”

“That was a year out of hell in a good way. I mean, my feet were in the fire for a large part. And I knew that if I just stick to what for, I could get out on the other side me is true and only I know what is true for me, “said Williams

“We were married for almost 22 years. We were together for 25 years. I don’t regret the day I met him. I don’t regret having endured him every 25 years. And that has nothing to do with him has this baby or that he has this side girl for nearly 15 years of our marriage, ”said Williams

“I knew Kevin was a serial cheater,” she said. “The first time I found out was when I was pregnant in bed with our son during that time I gave birth to him, he was in the delivery room you’ll see that in the film ”

Williams continued, “Kevin became a ** because he didn’t have a better word”The more successful I got and he got and we believed in each other, the more an idiot he became. He used his good credit to buy properties he had chosen for wine and his extramarital affairs. This girl wasn’t the only one. She happens to be the one who kept his baby ”

Wendy Williams

World News – CA – Wendy Williams gets real about her “year from hell” and her ex-husband’s cheating scandal