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UPDATE: The countdown to the massive new update to Warzone continues, with plenty of time on the clock before the sniper rifle and operators fall

Raven Software will be releasing detailed patch notes on today’s biggest changes that are expected ahead of the scheduled release time

According to Activision, the new update time for Call of Duty Warzone was released on Wednesday, March 31st March 2021, set at 7 a.m. GMT For players in the US, the same patch will arrive today at 11 p.m. PST

ORIGINAL: Activision has warned players that the update time for Call of Duty Warzone will be slightly different this week

Battle Royale fans not only need to download and install a huge new patch, they also need to free up disk space

According to the patch notes provided by Treyarch, the new Call of Warzone update will reduce the overall installation size for the game

For many, this will prove to be very helpful as the latest COD combo of games is now too big to fit on some base consoles

A message from Activision explains the process and announced this week to players: “Season Two Reloaded also brings great news about a smaller, optimized file size in Warzone

“Those who own the full version of Modern Warfare / Warzone or who own the free Warzone game will find that their overall file size is reduced on their respective platform

“By optimizing the data and optimizing the content packages required for the individual game modes, improvements to the entire content management system have been made possible

“This will come after a major, one-time update for Season Two Reloaded that includes these tweaks and is required to reduce the overall footprint Future patch sizes for Modern Warfare and Warzone are expected to be smaller


“However, if you want to continue playing Campaign, Multiplayer and / or Special Ops, you have to reinstall the optimized content packs that will be released next to and shortly after the reloaded update of the second season”

While download sizes will decrease, today’s Warzone update will be over 50GB on any platform

Meanwhile, the Warzone file size will be reduced by 109 GB and 142 GB, and the Modern Warfare / Warzone file size will be reduced by 306 GB and 336 GB depending on your platform

Activision has confirmed that the official update time for Call of Duty Warzone will be on Jan. Scheduled March 2021 at 11:00 p.m. PST

Due to different locations, UK players can play on Wednesday the 31st Start downloading the extensive patch at around 7 a.m. GMT on March 8th

Adds a message from Treyarch, “Raven will be releasing the new Warzone update on Aug. March at 23:00 (PT) and on March 31 Release March at 2:00 am CET. Keep an eye on Raven Software for more patch notes ”

Raven has not yet published his own list of patch notes for Call of Duty Warzone

However, more news is expected before the new update is available for PS4, Xbox One, and PC

And from what has already been shared, players will also get two new Operators, the new 20mm ZRG sniper rifle and new bundles that will be available in Warzone

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Warzone Update

World News – CA – Warzone Update Time: When will the new Call of Duty update for Warzone be released today?

Source: https://www.express.co.uk/entertainment/gaming/1416677/Warzone-update-time-When-is-new-update-for-Call-of-Duty-Warzone-coming-out-today