Vanilla Ice played a New Years Eve set at Donald Trump’s annual party that the US President didn’t attend

Ticketholders – most of whom wore no masks – paid up to 1$ 000 (GBP 731) for a dinner and live performances by Ice and Berlin at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Resort in Florida on Thursday (Jan. December) But Trump and First Lady Melania made the decision at the last minute not to attend the annual Bash

According to CNN, which reports that the couple decided to leave early Wednesday (Jan. December) to return to Washington The release added that no official explanation has been given for Trump’s early departure, despite the president’s continuing efforts to reverse the November election results

Trump’s two sons, Donald Trump Jr and Eric Trump attended the event, as did his personal attorney Rudy Giuliani. Various figures from the conservative media were also at the party

According to CNN, there were also tables for 10 people with no social distancing measures.Up to 500 tickets were sold for this year’s event at the Donald J Trump Ballroom with a capacity of 700 people

In other news, the outgoing president was recently the target of Saturday Night Live’s final 2020 “weekend update” Michale Che and Colin Jost reenacted Trump’s “greatest moments in office” over the past four years in a video montage

To the music of Semisonic’s “Closing Time,” the montage took viewers back to Trump, who picked an African American fan, mocked a disabled journalist, and threw paper towels at a crowd of hurricane victims in Puerto Rico

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Vanilla Ice

World news – CA – Vanilla Ice appears at Donald Trump’s NYE ​​party in front of a largely maskless audience